Your Life Changes Today: From Newbie To Star

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Do What I Tell You: Never Be Newbie Again

Welcome to everyone and thanks especially to new visitors and users.

On Friday my wife and I had to go to the funeral home and say goodbye to our beautiful son Timothy age 28. The funeral people had done a wonderful job preparing the viewing but it was very hard saying goodbye forever to our precious boy.

It might seem strange to tell you this but in the world of online selling and marketing, your visitors and readers are new friends and part of your online family.

The protocol is you speak to people in your emails and elsewhere as if they are across from you at the dinner table.

Today is decision day and it’s crunch time. I don’t have time for months of chit chat, stuffing around and pages of explanations, but everything I tell you is true and I can prove it. I could even include messages from some of the honest top Internet marketers.

I’ve already told you that very few sellers who send you emails or messages are really your friend even if they suck up to you. They all want you to fail so they can keep selling you stuff. They always leave bits out to keep you coming back.

Ignore what they say including all the false sales figures, images and testimonials.

You need to decide TODAY whether you’re ok with never succeeding or you want to earn serious money and enjoy the freedom of having regular high income.

Your chance of succeeding without my help is about 1 in 10000 and it takes a long time. I’ve studied most of the major players for years and the average time is about 3 years. John Thornhill took 4.5 years because he delayed list building for 3 years. So did I.

Some of these guys (now famous like Brian Tracy) slept in cars or under stairs. Omar & Melinda Martin raided garbage bins for food scraps and they were lucky to find an abandoned warehouse.

Mike Litman is now a multi-millionaire with many affiliates but it took him about 6 years because he didn’t know who to ask for help and he didn’t know what he needed to know.

Education doesn’t seem to matter much but determination and mindset does. Also focusing on where you want to be and not getting distracted with false gurus and get rich fast schemes.

The bottom line is you need to buy the products I tell you about but not all at once. Ignore all the BS. You do need to get down and dirty. You do need to put in a decent effort. There is no magic pill and no short cuts.

You will make mistakes and stuff things up sometimes. It’s the end result that counts. If babies can learn then so can you.

You must be fiercely determined to win and have a nothing is gonna stop me attitude. It’s all up to you. Like I said..you get out what you put in!

Life sucks sometimes but having a win is absolutely inspiring.

You must accept that Internet marketing, online selling or whatever, is complex. The chance of you finding the right path, plus all the other right things is very unlikely and is like picking Lotto.

There is NO single product that fits all the things you need to know AND provides high regular income. There is NO single book or course that will teach you what I said above.

If you work in a factory or a large office or you’re a trades person like a builder or a plumber, there are lots of machines, equipment, tools and other stuff needed like cement mixers, phones, photo copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, right up to fork lifts and tip trucks plus more.

You can’t change or fix this situation..it’s just how things are. And the same goes for online selling, affiliate marketing plus more again. What makes it much worse is that the Internet is changing, how we do things changes all the time.

At least 2 new products every day. The giants like Google and Facebook change the rules or algorithms almost without notice. This costed some of my colleagues their business. They lost everything overnight. In most cases only their mailing lists saved them.

Product 1
This is the main product and it will change your life overnight. John Thornhill was my coach at one time and we both got started selling on eBay. John has given me special permission to offer this awesome unique system to you. Your clickable link is:


Basically you receive a copy of his webinar to make money from also build your list of subscribers. Secondly he has chosen 10 top Clickbank offers to promote for 99 days with your Clickbank affiliate ID embedded.

So you are getting a system which will start teaching you about affiliate marketing. At the same time you can be earning money almost immediately.

The key to higher incomes is using sales funnels and/or higher priced products inside what John calls his Super Funnel.

You will never make good income promoting one-off low priced products whether it’s Clickbank’s network or JVZoo or Warrior Plus or any other platform.

Take note that Clickbank is a sales processor like PayPal and not a warehouse full of items for sale.
 ** I’ll talk soon about web-hosting and autoresponders.

Product 2
David Perdew and his smart daughter Jen operate NAMS an Internet marketing company.

Years ago David got fed up with having to go here and everywhere for information about how to start and grow a profitable online home business.

So he started his own company and that’s how NAMS was born. I’m still a member myself and in life you never stop learning.

Your link is: http://kevin-johnston.com/NAMSInsidersClub$1Trial

So what you get is a bit of everything you’re ever likely to need. So you will learn about funnels, niches and business models as examples.

The sales page is great with lots of images and explanations. You will see all the things you’re getting including more than 50 Step-by-Step training programs on all aspects of building a great business online.

I’ve got more awesome information for you tomorrow so stay tuned and tell your contacts.

Best wishes,
Kevin Johnston

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