You Will NOT Make Money With Traditional Affiliate Marketing

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To make money it’s absolutely critical that you understand the messages I’ve been sending you as blog posts for a long while which include:

1. Internet marketing overall and especially affiliate marketing, have changed a lot over the last 2 years.

There are several reasons but it’s complex. The bottom line is, what worked before mostly doesn’t work anymore.

This means you have to ditch the “old stuff”, ignore the ‘gurus” and “experts” then zero in on what’s proven to work reasonably quickly and be profitable.

What makes it harder for you is the fact that most of the experienced marketers you receive emails from daily, leave bits out and never tell you the full story.

This is so they can keep selling you the latest fix for your problems which they don’t know exactly anyway since they’ve never met you.

2. The “top guns” succeed because they combine into groups of 2 or 3 and share skills and resources. They have large subscriber lists, lots of affiliates and they offer great bonuses. Many people buy the inexpensive front-end products just to get the bonuses.

Also they nearly always use sales funnels with “high ticket” ($500 to $5000 for example) products at the end (the narrow end of the funnel). Backend products are where the biggest profits are made.

There are exceptions but 90% of the time, you as a typical low-earner affiliate marketer, can’t use your own sales funnels because sales funnels are designed for product creators, software developers. Not affiliate marketers.

3. If you’re a newbie or someone who is still struggling, then it seems you can’t compete and you might ask yourself should you become an affiliate at all.

Maybe you could get approved as an affiliate by the guys running these typical huge product releases but unless they know you, most likely you will be declined.

8 out of 10 product releases use the JVZoo network. The rest mostly go through the Warrior Forum or more exactly Warrior Plus Special Offers. I love ClickBank but they are not big with “make money” stuff.

Assuming you’ve got traffic organized and do get approved and supplied with an affiliate link, then you should check this link covers/includes all the upsells and downsells in the funnel. Not just the front-end product. The Joint Venture details will tell you this.

The bad news is, most likely you will be on delayed payment which can take up to about 85 days!

4. Suppose you’re aiming for $3000 monthly recurring affiliate earnings.

This means for EVERY month you must sell 100’s of low-priced (under $20) products or services, PLUS some middle-priced items PLUS at least 1 high-ticket item ($1000 +).

I’m supposing the middle-priced items to be priced $100 to $400.

You MUST have recurring income and you also want this to be PASSIVE meaning it happens overnight while you’re sleeping, or while you’re enjoying family time or while you’re away from home or while you’re busy building and promoting your expanding business.

So you also need AUTOMATION which is why having and using your autoresponder/s is so important.

Many newbies dabble like it’s all a big game but don’t put in the serious time, effort and money that a business requires. This includes investing in yourself. An example might be getting proper coaching.

All of us should be be learning something worthwhile daily. Even one tiny thing.

Learn one tiny thing daily and in 6 months, you’ve learned 182 things!

5. Unless you’ve chosen a profitable niche, got a domain name and web hosting, got a site to sell from and send visitors to, started list building and email marketing, selected products or services to sell, learning traffic concepts, then you DON’T have a business at all!


6. I have to stop here. Next time we will concentrate on finding solutions to all the above, plus overcoming obstacles. Also start talking about eCommerce, dropshipping, free and paid traffic.

What is discussed above is intended to motivate you and make you really think about where you’re heading with Internet marketing. My words are NOT meant to be gloomy…just the truth!

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