You MUST Have a Nutrition Plan To Stay Healthy

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Aussies are hard-working, good people but as many folks are aware already. Aussies have a very laid back attitude about life.

It’s partly because of our convict heritage and partly because Australia, though beautiful, can be a hot, harsh, unforgiving place. Fire, floods and the unrelenting curse of drought.

There are tiny children who have never seen rain. Some outback kids have never seen the ocean.

Regarding our attitude to life, we say almost daily “she’ll be right mate” even when total disaster or tragedy has struck. We tend to slur our words together, so it comes out as “sheberightmate!”

We’ve been taught to stand straight and strong no matter what. No place for wimps. Men don’t cry.

Going to a doctor is a sign of weakness. Also until she got very ill, my aunty hadn’t been to any doctor for nearly 30 years.

In the last 3 months, I have lost 2 brothers to cancer and a much-loved brother-in-law to lead poisoning, from paints.

Many of us universally I think, on a daily basis, have a wishy-washy belief that “bad things” happen to other people, but never to us or our kids. So “sheberightmate” doesn’t always work and is a mental walking stick.

This post is about YOUR health…So how does this story apply to you? [I know you are thinking this. :)]

Well, I have people depending on me to bring my A game and you are depending on yourself to bring your A game.

But you can’t have a “sheberightmate” attitude for yourself and loved ones, in relation to staying healthy.

When you decided to improve your health, lower your cholesterol, lose body fat or whatever your goals are, you became dependent on YOU.

Just telling yourself you are going to eat better tomorrow is BS and doesn’t cut it. I hate to say it but
maybe you don’t have any real health goals at all.

I want you to take action. To have sensible health goals. To have a family Nutrition Plan.

Starting TODAY. No more BS. No more “sheberightmate”.

So as you plan your week, write down what actions you are actually going to do to not only WIN each day, but at the end of the week be closer to your goals. Small wins are sweet!.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself in relation to the strength of your Nutrition Plan

1. How many servings of different colored fruits and vegetables do you eat every day? (Recommended servings per day is 6-8)

If you do not eat 6-8 servings of different colored fruits and vegetables a day, then you have a weak spot in your Plan.

You are missing out on some important vitamins and minerals. By strengthening this weak spot, your body will be able to complete all the different tasks it has to perform every day to keep your tribe healthy.

If you don’t think you are able to consistently eat 6-8 servings a day, this is where a strategic solution
(from me) comes into play.

1. Learn more about this Nutrition Plan weak spot solution here:

2. How many servings of cold-water fish (like salmon) do you eat every week? (Recommended serving is
3-5x/week). Some people may not be big fish eaters or eat any fish at all.

Unfortunately this is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get in the required Omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA. This is a big weakness in almost everyone’s Nutrition Plan.

On average most Americans consume half a serving of cold-water fish per week. The next best thing to fix this weakness in your Plan is to consume krill oil in a phospholipid solution.

Not only does it strengthen your foundation, but it provides numerous research-supported health benefits.

Read up on how it can help you here:

3. Do you tend to get hungry in the afternoons and/or crave something to eat? Doesn’t have to be something sweet. Just hungry for some type of food in general?

One common cause of afternoon cravings or hunger is not enough protein consumption at breakfast or at lunch.

Protein isn’t always easy to consume, especially if you are not much of a meat eater or like eggs for breakfast.

This leaves a gap in our fullness factor which tends to hit us mid-afternoon. One thing I have done with my clients who experience this is have them drink a whey protein shake in the afternoon.

The whey protein contains bioactive compounds that keep your hunger at bay. These compounds help your body release CCK and GLP-1, which are two powerful appetite-suppressing hormones.

This can also help you lower your intake of calories later in the day.

To learn more about how protein powder can help to suppress your appetite click below:

4. I’ve been screaming off the roof tops for many months that the biggest factor relating to nearly all major diseases is nutrition plus what you eat and drink. Your “fate is indeed on your plate”.

So please take heed and have a Nutrition Plan you actually use.

Your friend and health mentor,
Kevin Johnston

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