The GAME OF GOLD – “You can sit here mourning the past or prepare for the future!”

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Untitled-design2_edited-1-150x150.png“You can sit here mourning the past or prepare for the future!”
Right now I’m busting my you-know-what trying to get you to work with me in creating a wonderful future and lifestyle for you and your family. Seriously I assume that’s why you’re here!
Today I want to give you a catchup about where we’re heading and it’s all awesome news for those of you who’ve been following my articles and taking my advice. For anyone else, I’m sorry but you just didn’t listen but it’s never too late to trust me and start. Do you want to be where you are now in 5 years time? I think not!
1. So far you should have purchased the cheapest shared hosting package with NameCheap (http://kevin-johnston.com/NameCheap)
2. Also you should have purchased (from NameCheap) a .com domain name which is your own first and last name so your domain name should look like this www.firstnamelastname.com
If your .com is taken choose a different extension such as .net, .org, .biz
For new hosting packages NameCheap give you a free domain which means your name domain would have been free.
3. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a subscriber list already but you must start now or soon because you need subscribers to form a relationship with and sell to. There are lots of tutorials to help with this.
I’ve recommended TrafficWave (http://kevin-johnston.com/TrafficWave) because I’ve used the others but TrafficWave is the best and cheapest plus they send you honest marketing stuff to help you succeed. They also have a 1-month trial offer.
I know that AWeber and GetResponse are the “big names” but that doesn’t make them the best. But if you want a link to either of these just email me (admin@kevin-johnston.com)
4. Within about 7 days from now you can have your own WordPress.org niche blog. Prices are amazingly cheap…only $25 each blog with an optional $15 install done for you. These are beautiful blogs I use myself.  Never try to use Blogger and WordPress.com because you can lose your business, go broke and add-ons like plugins are mostly not available. Self-hosted means WordPress.org.
You can order more than one blog and get a quantity discount. There’s also a complete design option for under $150. More about this very soon (with images) but later you can link your blog to social media sites like Facebook. Two of my blogs send my blog posts automatically to my Facebook business pages. Same for automatic Twitter tweets.
5. Supposing you purchase multiple niche blogs. You can use subdomains like www.kevin-johnston.com/weightloss but i don’t recommend it. Better to have a different domain name for each niche blog.
The main thing is your domain name tells people what your blog is about and also includes words that people search on.
That’s why I’ve got http://makemoneyhomebusiness.biz and http://loseweightnfatfast.com and http://foodandnutrition.biz and http://fastreliefarthritisbackpain.com
We’ll talk about this next time. I just want to get you thinking. Remember no spaces, no uppercase letters and no special characters but hyphens/dashes are OK.
6. I will tell you lots more stuff that’s absolutely important like do you need to know coding such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language). You should be able to find your way around your hosting  cPanel and know the basics of uploading folders/files (FTP = File Transfer Protocol).
Don’t get anxious here….lots of tutorials and slowly slowly to finish the race!
The install option for the niche blogs will include the above but my general comment still stands.
You can create your own WordPress blog using Softaculous software in your hosting cPanel but it’s slow and laborious with choosing a niche, choosing a premium theme and all the setup bits plus adding posts and widgets.
7. I will advise you about some of the best niches. Remember what I said previously, you can’t move forward until you’ve decided what you want to sell and who to. You certainly wouldn’t try to sell whitewater rafting (canoe, kayak) to pregnant ladies! Most marketers forget about the “who”.
You won’t make any or much money promoting cheap products (even if they’re good). To reach $100’s per month you need some high ticket items, regular/passive income and preferably with sales funnels. You don’t have to do this yourself. Talk soon about this because it’s doable and I’ll show you how.
Suppose you want to earn $10,000 monthly. For a $10 affiliate commission, you would have to make 1000 sales!
8. I will advise you which affiliate networks to join and why. It’s a huge topic and we need to go step by step. But just for now…forget ClickBank for “make money” but it’s one of the best networks for anything to do with health & wellness, fat loss & fitness, aging problems & diseases like diabetes, self help & improvement.
9. In recent weeks I set you 3 tasks which you MUST do.
A. What do you want out of life? What are your dreams and goals?
B. How much money do you need to earn monthly to fit A. above. You add up all your monthly costs and expenses to get a $ amount. If you want to replace your 9-5 job then you have to add in those earnings for a total.
C. What are you passionate about? What are you good at? It’s not essential but it helps if you match your passions, talents and life experiences to what you want to sell.
Hope all the above helps and makes sense to you,
Your friend,

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