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Hello and welcome,
I was brought up to be totally honest and open, and haven’t changed. I’m here to help you get out of the mess that you’re most likely in.

I’m going to tell you stuff that almost nobody is telling you.You need this and if you don’t accept my help that’s your loss. The false gurus and so-called experts either are totally lazy and non-caring OR don’t know themselves OR just want to keep selling you crap rubbish or outdated stuff that will never help you make money or succeed in any way or in any niche.

There are still a large number of sellers/coaches recommending outdated products or systems. They just want your money period.

It breaks my heart to tell you but you’re very unlikely to succeed no matter how hard you try by yourself. I reckon your chance going alone is worse than 1 in 1000.

Internet marketing and making making money is very complex. There’ve been major changes (Google mostly) in the last 5 years which basically started when Facebook grew and became a powerhouse inside the dome of accelerated social networking.

You still CAN earn enough money to give up your job or add to your income but there are
certain ways to do that and I’ll show you. Like I’ve said before, you need a map to cross safely over the minefield which is Internet marketing And inside that you have affiliate marketing which.is a business model not a niche.

1.The sellers and gurus are NOT your friends. I can count the good ones on my fingers. They are mostly very nice to you these days because it’s now harder to get optins plus they all want to sell you more stuff in a competitive market.

2. They make money selling TO you NOT so much from the products they’re promoting.

3.The same gurus who told you today you should buy product X because it’s the best ever. Are already promoting a different product Y as the best thing since sliced bread.

4. I have a million gurus every day wanting me to join their webinars so they can sell me their high ticket products.

5. There are at least 2 or 3 new products released each day mostly on Warrior Plus, JVZoo or ClickBank while the Internet itself is so busy you as a newbie or person struggling could not possibly keep up and know which product or system is best for your needs or possibly have enough money to buy it anyway.

6, Do not rely on YouTube or similar, for your learning needs. There was another one this week which told viewers buy product Z and they would be making money within 7 days. I’ve seen these scams many times. If I don’t know their names I know instantly they’re scammers. The same goes for false testimonials on sales pages.

7. Even if you had purchased a good product, what about other connecting services you need after purchase such as domain names, web hosting, websites/blogs, plugins, graphics, ranking, squeeze pages, and of course your autoresponder/s and targeted traffic.

8. Clickbank is great but you cannot make money promoting a product chosen at random, to cold traffic you have no relationship with. It’s well known that you need to email at least 5 or 6 times to a prospect to get them to buy. Can you do that?

9. 90% of newbies surveyed always say they want to earn $10000 monthly as an affiliate but this requires you to make about 800 average Clickbank sales monthly.

10.There are exceptions but again 90% of the time you need to use sales funnels to make more than pocket change. Can you do that? And what about bonuses you need to include?

There is much more honest, essential information you need to be aware of in an ongoing
manner. I’m not trying to scare you or overload you with ideas and knowledge so I’ll stop here.

I’ve got lots of wonderful things to tell you but I really don’t want you to think badly of me if I had included links in this personal letter to you.

Best wishes,
Kevin Johnston

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