What you don’t know can harm you

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My name is Kevin Johnston and I want to openly and honestly tell you about my blog empire plus what I do as an Internet marketer, scientist and eBay Powerseller. I actually got my start with an eBay online store but later was coached by John Thornhill, Liz Tomey and Jimmy D. Brown. All wonderful greatly admired marketers.

My advice to newbies and anyone struggling is to seek expert help and coaching especially, otherwise success is very unlikely.

Apart from that, no-one wants to waste 5 years or more learning as they sink further into debt. Did you know that it was only in his 7th year that John Thornhill was finally able to quit his day job?

Here’s a link for personal coaching (under $50 one-time) by a 6/7 figure earner:

Probably you’ve seen these names before: John Chow and Shaqir Hussyin. They are now multi-millionaires thanks to this coaching program. I can name many more including those who hit $100,000 in their first year after coaching, such as Carolina Millan.

The Company which created this program has been named by Fortune500..the No.1 Company in the world for business training and business systems!

I do own several large WordPress blogs covering some great niches. Such as weight loss & fitness, food & nutrition, back pain, make money-home business, anti-aging & skin care, alternative medicine, self improvement, beauty & natural products.

These blogs are separate but I manage them on a single Dashboard using CMS Commander. Very cheap, fast and easy, with trial and free period.

Go to http://kevin-johnston.com/CMSCommander

My main blog is Kevin Johnston’s Blog and you will find it here:


To make it easier for my visitors by having valuable and useful information in one place, this blog/site above contains posts/articles (600 plus) relating to many niches. So I might publish information aimed at helping newbies make money but the next article could be about the health risks of eating certain breakfast cereals or maybe how alternative medicine can help with understanding, preventing and treating aging diseases as well as diabetes, cancer and even depression.

For many months I’ve been telling people about various Health Talks and Health Summits. Use this link below to receive 20 Free Health Talks:


If you pop over to http://kevin-johnston.com and have a look around, you will see I’ve been explaining to newbies that traditional affiliate marketing is dying in terms of earning big money, and it’s more important than ever to use sales funnels and/or sell “high ticket” products priced say $1000 to $25000.

Click this link for a free video about how you as an affiliate can earn commissions from $1.25k up to $5K:

People will tell you that’s BS and can’t be done. But I assure you, it has been and is being done by 100’s of marketers right now.

I really want to help you succeed so I’ve placed some more treats below. Please read carefully.

Anik Singal is well known to most marketers. He founded Lurn and has helped 250,000 people succeed.
Please click http://kevin-johnston.com/FreeEntrepreneursToolkit
If you donate $5 to Anik’s Africa charity, he will give you 3 of his Courses free.

Also go to http://kevin-johnston.com/FreeFacebookAdsBootCamp for Anik’s Facebook Ads BootCamp. Facebook has over 2 billion users and therefore is the main source of traffic online. Anik will show you how small FB ads can build your list and provide income.

Harv Eker is a famous author and inspirational speaker. He knows exactly why average people fail in every field and what separates them from successful entrepreneurs. It’s all to do with Mindset.
Harv explains it in detail at this link:


Lastly, I’ve opened a Shopify online store selling beautiful watches. All under $20 with free shipping.

I would appreciate it if you would visit my Watch Me Fly store which is at:


The store is also visible at my Facebook business page https://www.facebook.com/cashfromhomebiz/  which is linked to my home biz blog: http://makemoneyhomebusiness.biz

Your friend and mentor,
Kevin Johnston



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