The Wrong Train – The TOOLS I promised!

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The Wrong Train – The Powerful TOOLS I promised!

Welcome again. And I’m proud to see more new members!

Take note, you’re building a home business/small business with a major goal to make money by selling stuff online.This is NOT a hobby you have a casual interest in. If this is YOU then certainly you are on the wrong train!

Last night I carefully chose some awesome products/systems from some of the top-guns in Internet marketing. I think you should at least recognize some of the names. And be impressed.

It’s only a short list but includes affiliate marketing, list building, making money, sales funnels, traffic and email marketing. Which is a good mix covering essential topics.

During your journey to become successful and enjoy daily freedom you need to include sales funnels and “high ticket” items. Say $500 to $10000. I’ll explain this again very soon. Please don’t get anxious.

You cannot earn $1000’s monthly making cheap one=off sales. $10000 monthly equals about 800 sales of a cheap product.

Lastly, passive income means sales and cash money coming in each month not just a one-off sale.You also need to consider the possible time gaps to get paid as well.

**** Omar Martin

Internet Selling For Newbies. Stuff you need to know.
Some newbies don’t really realize IM involves selling a product/s or service (like gym membership or finance or insurance).
>> http://kevin-johnston.com/InternetSellingForNewbies

**** Kevin Fahey

If anyone knows and understands your problems and needs, it’s Kevin. Here you’re shown what to do to earn $1000 in 30 days.  No BS or fluff.
Step-By-Step Training Has Newbies Going From ZERO To $1,000+ In 30 Days Or Less…
>> http://kevin-johnston.com/ZeroTo1000$In30Days

***** Solo Ads Fix No Traffic Problems
Udimi is a managed solo ads marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers. And is used by many Top Gun marketers including Anthony Morrison, Dean Holland and Derrick van Dyke.
We guarantee an honest deal between both parties and realize that the biggest problem for most marketers is getting quality clicks to their sites, sales pages and links. http://kevin-johnston.com/SoloAdsSolveLackOfTraffic
Buy solo ads - Udimi

**** Omar & Melinda Martin
Sales Funnels  Training
Omar explains what sales funnels are, why they’re important and shows you a funnel he has used to make $5million.
>> http://kevin-johnston.com/SalesFunnelTraining

**** Promote Labs
Commission Gorilla
This is an Affiliate Page Builder. I’ve already said that you’ve got to stand out. Be different. Be professional. And as a affiliate you should present yourself as such. Now you can “look good”, get noticed and maximize your chances of making affiliate sales.
>> http://kevin-johnston.com/AffiliatePageBuilder

**** Derrick van Dyke
List Infinity
You are given everything you could possibly need to use this Viral List Building System to build your subscriber list and earn high commissions at the same time.
>> http://kevin-johnston.com/ViralListBuilder

**** Alphabetical List and websites of ALL ClickBank Vendors

I use this product all the time..it’s great. Everyone loves Clickbank but it’s a nightmare looking around or searching Yesterday a search for an Internet marketing product gave me Acid Reflux, Reiki and Cooking. You also get the website of each vendor/seller plus performance stats Plus  what’s new and what’s selling/popular.



None of these products are expensive. Some pizza price.
Your success mentor,
Kevin Johnston

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