The GAME of GOLD – “The True Path Is Sometimes Hard To Find”

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Untitled design2_edited-1I sure hope you’re awake because I need your eye-balls on what I’ve written below. Because I’m trying to show you the right path where you can become visible online and can start building your list of subscribers to cultivate and sell to.
Recently I explained to you about domain names and web hosting. Also recommended you use NameCheap (http://kevin-johnston.com/NameCheap) because they have low prices, great support and are excellent with 100% guaranteed uptime. You are treated like a VIP!
I promised to discuss the importance of Autoresponders and here I am. But first let’s backtrack a little and look at some background stuff which effects you and your successful interaction with Internet marketing.
1. If you’re an Internet marketer, maybe even a newbie, this means you need to sell a product or service online and obviously you want to earn as much money as possible, preferably with repeat sales and regular/passive income. A one-off affiliate commission of $15 won’t help you much.
2. You are operating an online home business/small business even if you don’t think you are. You get out what you put in. Also you must realize you can’t start and grow a successful business with zero money and using freebies. You do need some money but not all at once.
3. Your home business is centered around at least one niche such as camping supplies, photography, pet training, guitars including lessons, travel, computer games, shoes, ladies fashion clothing, bags and wallets, tattoos, kitchen supplies as examples.
Especially when you’re starting it helps if you choose something you’re passionate about or have experience with.
4. Every business needs customers who become buyers (not always at the first contact) but initially you must have lots of traffic targeted to what you’re selling. So your first task is to organize this traffic (usually free and paid). Then convert a certain percentage into leads then into customers then into buyers.
5. But naturally you want as many as possible of people to become visitors to your affiliate link, your sales funnel, blog, website, or social media page. The very first thing you must do is get your visitor’s name and best email address (optin). So you can send interesting, useful information including sales stuff, using your autoresponder emails/messages while you’re building a good relationship with them.
This is list building which I’m sure you’ve heard about. I remember John Thornhill saying that he put off list building for 3 years but he deeply regrets this.
6. Once visitors optin to your list they become subscribers  who are real people to be treated with respect. It’s very important that every contact YOU make provides VALUE (to your subscriber) even if you’re only offering a freebie.
It’s also very important to realize that it’s more costly and time-consuming to get new customers than it is to cultivate and take care of existing subscribers.
5. This whole process is called Email Marketing and the mechanism that makes it possible is using your Autoresponder. You can have more than one List and more than one Autoresponder, just as you can have multiple sales campaigns.
An autoresponder is not a box like a modem. It’s a mix of software combined with giant computers called servers.
6. ALL experienced marketers including myself are always seeking freedom as one of the end-goals of success. For this to happen Automation and Outsourcing (VA’s on Fiverr?) are needed. Autoresponders are a huge part of automation. They free you up for important tasks like family time or marketing or product creation. Plus suppose you go on vacation for 10 days, your autoresponder will still send daily emails that you’ve preset.
7. When YOU try to sell a product to your subscribers, only 2-4% (or even less) buy from your first contact. It’s been proven that 80% of sales are made after the 5th or 6th email from you, which proves you MUST use an autoresponder. Imagine trying to do everything manually!
Which Autoresponder?
1. You can easily spend $150-$200 monthly with AWeber and GetResponse (and others) which increases greatly as your subscriber list grows. Even a very small list (500-1000) can cost you $19 monthly.
2. I’ve tried most of the big-name autoresponder companies but now I use only TrafficWave (http://kevin-johnston.com/TrafficWave) and the cost stays at $17.95 monthly even if your list size grows to 50,000 or more. In addition you receive:
Great support, tutorials & testimonials
Many reports, guides, useful articles plus webinars
Daily emails and tips to actively help you to make money in different niches/business models (Affiliate marketing?)
Optional Co-op Ad Shares to increase your exposure
Optional Purchase traffic to your nominated URL
Competitions and rewards
3. In the Members Area you also have access to articles such as these:
Email Marketing Best Practices
AutoResponder Delivery Rates
Issues That Impact Email Marketing Deliverability
Tips To Improve Email Marketing Deliverability
Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rate
Email Marketing: Single Optin vs Double Optin
Guide To Creating AutoResponder Letters
How To Build an Email List
28 Ways To Build Your Email Marketing List
Moving Your Email Marketing Lists
TrafficWave Simplified
TrafficWave Training Wiki
As always I’m hoping my information  is a great help for you,
Your friend,

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