The Frightening & Hidden Truth About Calcium

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Does milk really do the body good?
I remember when I was a kid at Primary School the Government provided little bottles of milk free daily to make sure every kid rich or poor got calcium into their bodies.
Despite what you’ve been told all your life, calcium isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, there is much evidence from various studies that shows more calcium spells serious trouble. For 13 years, researchers from The Nurses’ Health Study (run in large part by Harvard and the largest investigation of its kind in history) followed 122,000 women. Those who had the MOST bone fractures consumed MORE calcium from dairy products.
Following 24,000 Germans for 11 years, scientists found an alarming 86 percent jump in heart disease in those who supplemented with calcium following common recommendations.
The list goes on…
But if calcium isn’t the key to strong bones and good health, what is?
Well thanks to my friend Jesse Cannone and his health update, we now know. Certainly “Best Physician of the Year” winner Dr. Robert Thompson knows. And he recently wrote a book that sheds light on all the dangers of calcium. And what really strengthens your skeleton (plus protects your heart, stops obesity, lowers cancer and keeps you safe from a mix of other diseases).
The book is FREE for a limited time. You just cover a small shipping cost.
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I’m a scientist and this is one of the most important books I’ve read in recent years. I’ve learned a lot  based on Dr Robert’s discoveries and recommendations.
Don’t wait. Last time I checked there were less than 300 copies left. I don’t know how much longer these will last.
Stay healthy,
Kevin Johnston


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