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12 Nutrients That Target and Destroy Cancer Stem Cells

Lack of adequate nutrition can lead to cancer growth – on the other hand, the right nutrients can inhibit cancerous cells from multiplying. Scientists have known for decades that cancer cells have the ability to repair themselves, multiply, differentiate, and escape normal cellular processes such as apoptosis or “cell suicide.” Stem Cells Only recently researchers …

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8 Superfoods That Can Reverse Premature Aging

Dear friends, When you were a child, I bet your mother told you to eat your fruits and veggies…..and now that you’re “older” you see that same advice coming from all of the health outlets, of course… My name is Dr. Dennis Clark and today I’m writing to let you know that those fruits and …

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FREE Report “6 Veggies That Cause Fat Gain “

You’ve probably been told over and over again that veggies are extremely healthy and help you burn fat, but truth is, there are SIX specific veggies that you absolutely MUST avoid if you ever want to have a flat stomach. You see, these rogue veggies wreak havoc on your body’s fat-burning hormones and quickly bring …

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