Setting Up Sales Funnels – HUGE Rewards!

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Setting Up Sales Funnels – HUGE Rewards!

Almost daily I get invited to be part of an affiliate promotion or Joint Venture. I mention this because at the heart of most of these is a SALES FUNNEL.

WHY did I say that? IMPORTANT!!! Sales Funnels are where the BIG MONEY is. The visitor is offered about 5 good products through OTO’s, upsells, downsells and backend sales can be the most profitable. So instead of making a piddly $9 single sale you stand to earn $100’s and all the while you’re building your subscriber list. I’ve been offered up to US$900 commission promoting a sales funnel.
Where the problem lies is most marketers don’t know sales funnels or are scared off. So please follow my advice and go here: http://kevin-johnston.com/YourCompleteSalesFunnelSetupForYou

So today’s article discusses what and how important these Sales Funnels are. Also how you can have your own Sales Funnel completely done-for-you!

Setting Up A Profitable Sales Funnel – Part 1 of 2

In this blog post my friend Aaron is going to tell you how to setup a solid sales funnel. You’ll need about 5 minutes to scan through this and then about 1-2 hours having a play about with it yourself to put something together.

Read this if…

• You’re already selling your own product or are about to
• You’re thinking or planning ahead to sell your own product
• You’re collecting new subscribers every day
• You’ve setup your first squeeze page
• You’ve bought a squeeze page of myself or someone else and want to use it effectively
• Have bought PLR, or have loads of them on your hard drive and want to make it work effectively
• Are in the ‘internet marketing’ niche
• Are in multiple niches outside of internet marketing and want to squeeze more profit from your existing sales system

Step #1 – Decide What You’re Trying To Achieve

Before I get started on any new project I like to work with the end in mind. Do I want to focus on building leads or do I want to focus more on profit? Do I want to focus selling high ticket items or do I want to sell low-ticket items and build a list of buyers? Do I want to attract as many affiliates as possible or do I want to keep it more reserved for the bigger players like JV partners. Do I just want to build leads so I can recommend affiliate products?…

If you’re starting out, you may want to focus your attention building a list of subscribers before you build a list of buyers so you can get the ball rolling and leave the special offer part for later. If you’re more experienced and you know your market well, you may want to jump right in and weed out the freebie seekers from your buyers with your own offers.

Step #2 – Rough Out Your Funnel

Once you’ve decided on your priorities, plan out your sales funnel. A basic funnel will include an opt-in page leading to a an offer and then finally to a thank you or download page. Here’s a basic diagram of what this looks like…

This sales funnel works because it 1) builds a targeted list 2) allows you to make money whilst building your list and 3) allows you to recommend affiliate products.

As you get more experienced with this layout you will want to test different landing pages, different offers, add up-sells, add down-sells and change your backend sequence add a tell-a-friend offer and even an affiliate program.

I will cover these variations in future blog posts but for now let’s stick the essentials.

Step #3 – Create Your Free Gift

Your squeeze page and offer must be in tune with what your visitor wants. It’s no good offering a free gift on ‘how to make money online’ when your visitor came to your site looking for ‘dog training tips’, likewise, it’s no good offering a free gift on ‘how to flip real estate’ when your visitor is interested in ‘forex trading’ despite the fact they overlap in the ‘make money’ niche.

You can get a good picture of what your market wants by hanging out in related forums to see what people are talking about, to see what people are complaining about, to check what your competitors are selling, to sign up to their mailing lists and to see what’s going on in the background.

Whenever I enter a new niche I like to check transparent markets that show solid statistics of sales like eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, see what’s selling the most, read the reviews or feedback and see what their customers are saying (or complaining about).

You can then build a short report from your collection of PLR articles, PLR eBooks, PLR videos etc. or you could write one yourself, or you could hire someone on Elance to write one for you. Getting content done should never be a problem unless of course your niche is very obscure – even then you should question whether it’s worth pursuing.

When you’ve done a bit of research you’ll be able to come up with effective titles for your free gift. If you can pin-point a problem within the niche and turn it into a number-specific title then you’ll generate more interest from the start.

Example #1: If for example you’re in the dating niche, a good free gift would be a free report for something like ‘5 essential ice breakers to use when you come to ask a girl out…’

Example #2: If you’re in the body building niche your free gift could be a free report titled ‘7 things your body needs after a good workout to pack on muscle…’

Example #3: If you’re in the affiliate marketing niche your free gift could be a report on ‘3 ways to increase your back-end profits without hard selling…’

and so on…

Take your time with your title and write a few variations and compare them side by side because this will be used again and again as links are spread thorough the web.

This is one the most important steps because it’ll determine how many people will go through your sales funnel, the number of people who’ll see your offer, the number of people that enter your mailing list, and how many will see your recommendations.

Step #4 – Build A Squeeze Page To Showcase Your Free Gift

Even when you’re giving something away for free, you’re selling. You’ve already spent some time creating your free report so it would be a shame to not have a page dedicated to showing what it’s about and ‘selling’ the idea of downloading it for free.

I find that the best performing squeeze pages have a punchy headline that speak directly to the visitor, have a graphic image of what they’re about to receive and then a simple opt-in form asking for only their name and email.

Let me expand on the examples I just gave you…

Example #1: “Discover How A 31 Year Old Geeky Computer Technician With Little Dating Experience Stumbled Upon 5 Simple Conversational Ice-Breakers That Work Every Time He Encounters A Women Out Of His League…”

Example #2: “WARNING! NOT Eating These 7 Essential Foods 30 Minutes After A Workout Is Stopping You From Gaining Rock Hard Pounds Of Sexy Muscle You’re Working So Hard For!…”

Example #3: “If This 47-Page Report Does Not Show You 3 Ways To Increase Your Back-End Profits Without Hard Selling Within The Next 30 Minutes, Then I Will Gladly Take Money Out Of My PayPal Account And Send It Your Way…”

Again you’ll notice here I like to be specific about the subject, spark interest as soon as possible and get the curious to read on further. At this point no graphics are needed, just a strong headline preferably in an Impact, Tahoma Bold, Arial Black of similar font. You could easily add a strong call to action below like ‘Sign Up Now For Your FREE Report…’, or ‘Sign Up Now To Save $xx And Claim Your Report For FREE!…’ with your opt-in code and get sign-ups straight away!

If you’ve got the time or budget, get some graphics done for a mini-site template and a report cover. This will increase conversions and if possible get a quick video created enticing them to take action.







The best time to get started with any Internet marketing niche is NOW. There never is a “right time” or when you are “ready”.

What actually happens is you get further behind with more stress and debt. Your self-esteem also takes a battering. So do your relationships.

Trust me..it’s all TRUE. I’m living proof.

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