Road Map To Riches Part 5: Our Battle Plan

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To get straight to the point, I don’t see how any would-be-successful-marketer can make it without coaching. It’s like there’s a 1000 buses out there and you don’t know which bus to catch to get where you want to be. To top it off, many people are not even sure where they do want to be.

There’s just so much deception, so many scams and lies, so many “experts” telling you different things….it all makes your head spin and it costs you money trying to sort it out.

Here’s a rough plan of where we are heading. It’s like moving house… so much to plan and do! Plus there are priorities as well.

Module 1

This is about preparing your mind for success. To be honest I do have a mountain of stuff that fits this module, from the world’s best experts like Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dr Robert Anthony.

You don’t have to know everything just realize that there are basic truths/concepts which determine your success or not, So you have to sort through and pick out the gold nuggets.

You can’t skip this module…it’s so important.

Module 2

Module 3 is about coaching but many of you need Module 2 first. Suppose Module 3 is Advanced Maths at College. You’re not likely to conquer this subject if you haven’t studied and understood Basic Maths in Module 2.

So Module 2 is about understanding things like domains and hosting, URL’s, DNS, FTP, niches and so on, otherwise coaching may overwhelm you. It depends on who’s doing the coaching and how accessible they are for help. Don’t get anxious, I know the problems and won’t let this happen. 

Basically you need some good video tutorials which I will suggest.

Don’t worry too much about HTML, it’s more for developers. It’s much more important to get savvy with FTP and Filezilla which are all to do with uploading files/folders to your webspace/site.

Module 3 is about coaching and there are 6 or 7 main types which are all good. You have to match the type to your needs. This might sound vague but one type might be videos and transcripts and another is hands on, you actually start building your IM empire with a blog and maybe cover product creation which usually is an eBook or kindle book for Clickbank and/or Amazon.

The best form of coaching includes having a direct email and/or phone/skype link to your tutor.

Module 4 is a continuation of Module 3, but you are now involved with getting the right sort of traffic, SEO, ranking, social media, plugins, widgets, software and email marketing. By now you must have decided what you want to sell and to whom, and how you are going to get a good end result.

You don’t have to do product creation but you make more money if you do. The same goes for having your own affiliates.

Module 5 is a continuation of 4 and growing your business, maybe branching out into new ideas. It’s also about looking at the merits of things like membership sites which you can manage from your blog, plus continuity sites which Russell Brunson is king of. It’s all about recurring income not a one-off sale.

Becoming a Life Coach for example, may seem a bit far out, but the pay is great and I’m told maybe US$200 per hour. I do sell this sort of stuff as well.

Module 6 involves Modules 3 to 5. You need to know about some excellent products and programs which sort of sit on the side. This might be security against hacking, spam control, URL shortening, cloaking affiliate links, PLR products, blog themes, content curation, graphics and logo design, and so on.

Other Modules may follow later. For now I hope I haven’t forgotten anything major since I am writing so as to keep things uncomplicated.

We have been already doing a lot of groundwork together as an introduction to these modules which will start very soon.

Your friend and mentor,

ps If you feel a bit lost, leave me a comment.

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