Lesson 12: Selling concepts – Automation, passive income, and autoresponders

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DSC0101.jpgLesson 12: Selling concepts – Automation, passive income, and autoresponders

In the last couple of lessons we talked about some concepts of selling. It’s really a simple formula to follow and if you do it right, you can make lots of money.

What you want of course is passive income not just one-off sales. There’s no point making a single sale to person X and never “seeing” them again. That’s the last thing you want!

A single sale is not too bad if you’ve captured person X’s name and email address so that he/she is now a subscriber you can keep selling to or send her/him useful information

Passive income is associated with automation which is associated with your autoresponder. An autoresponder is a combination of software and a giant computer called a server.

Your autoresponder handles all your list building, email scheduling and all the payment and delivery/download processes associated with any sales you make.

So passive income means your office/home business is functioning even when you’re asleep or away from home. It’s a bit like your frig humming away keeping your food and drinks cool, and other stuff

When you’re setting up your autoresponder/s, you create your campaigns (or just one..the choice is yours), then you create and name your separate mailing lists and/or groups if you want them. You’re
the boss so if you only want one mailing list, that’s OK.

Your optin form or squeeze page or landing/lead page, sends each subscriber’s name and email to your autoresponder which has a name and code which represents you and includes your message plus the
design, size, colors etc you have already selected for the form or page.

You can have more than one autoresponder within one account. We are going to talk more about autoresponders and mailing lists later when discussing how to get targeted traffic, subscribers, and
setting up mailing lists.

The one big thing that seasoned marketers aim for is FREEDOM or rather the freedom that passive income and money buys.
AUTOMATION and OUTSOURCING (virtual assistants) are a huge part of creating this freedom.

Don’t forget the importance of active affiliates. Having good affiliates contributes greatly to passive income and precious freedom. You should also remember that your affiliates will be on your
subscriber list and you can tell them about upcoming new products, webinars and joint ventures. Probably that’s how they became your affiliate.


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