“Kevin’s Classroom”: Lesson 2

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A warm welcome from Australia to Lesson 2 for “Kevin’s Classroom”. Thank you again for subscribing/registering as a paid member (Gold Member).

I shared breakfast this morning in my back garden, with a large male ochre colored kangaroo almost 5 foot high who was just a few steps away.He looked at me and I looked at him, then he thumpted away into the neighboring scrub.

Recently I threw some newbie questions at you in a blog post, but I did promise I would answer them. So here I am:

1. “Can anyone (ordinary people) succeed and make money with Internet marketing?”

I know a lot of successful Internet marketers and mostly they are not educated, professional people. Just ordinary folk who have or did have, boring jobs they mostly hated.

You would be truly amazed and probably laugh your head off, if I told you where they all came from. Some day maybe!

There’s also a lot of high school and college dropouts who have become wildly successful.

2. “Do I need any special skills, talents or education, in order to suceed?”

The answer is NO, but people generally are good at something, although they tend to deny this. Most people have some skills, talents, hobbies or life experiences they can use in their promotions. You are more relaxed and sell better when you’re in “familiar territory”.

Also these attributes can propel you into an amazing lifestyle as a coach, author or product creator.

What you must have is a positive “can do” “nothing will stop me” mental attitude. Plus “self-dscipline” which is what achievers and millionaires have. Al this is part of “Mindset” we will talk about soon because without this you’re “dead”.

Plus you MUST accept that you’ll make mistakes and do dumb things. This happens right through all our lives.

3. “Is age important in succeeding?’


4. “How much money do I need to get started?”

The general opinion is US$200 to $300. You cannot properly start a small business with no money. You’ll need at least one domain name and web hosting for starters.

Most likely you will have to buy some equipment like a new modem or printer, plus you’ll want to get some software like a blog theme or plugin.

5. “How do I get started?”

You have already started by joining Kevin’s Classroom. A great deal could be written about this, and we’ll cover this in detail. For now, try to decide what you want to sell. You can’t move on to research your niche and planning without it.

A niche is like a small slice of a gigantic apple pie where the pie represents the total market. A common niche is weight loss. Other examples are selling shoes, selling smartphone apps, selling bags and accessories. I’ll be covering niches very soon. Absolutely important stuff.

*** I don’t mean the exact item you want to sell, just the broad picture.

You might say:

Sell on eBay

Affiliate marketing

Online store

Information Products

Article Marketing

Video marketing

Product creation

Social media

Mobile marketing



eBooks for Kindles. Refer Amazon.

6. “I’m worried that most people fail”

Supposedly 95% of people fail and often it’s their own fault.

There are many reasons people fail. “Kevin’s Classroom” should fix this with your cooperation.

7. “How much time before I start seeing positive results?”

Very quickly if you follow my training but for making money, the general opinion is not likely under 3 months. But it’s possible. The main issue here would be is 3 months time enough to build a list of targeted prospects to sell to?

8. “I’m a newbie and I don’t have a clue about anything”

I was a newbie and didn’t have a clue. Also I had nobody to help me.

9. “Is Internet marketing hard to learn and do?”

Internet marketing and making money are skills you can learn, like becoming a beauty therapist or plumber. If you know nothing about music, you can’t pick up a guitar and immediately play like a supremo.

Yes, we do have a lot of learning to get through. But it’s only hard like starting a new job or skill as I said before.

10. “How many hours a week do I need for learning?

Whatever you need to absorb certain knowledge and perform certain tasks. You get out what you put in!

11. “How will I know when I’m ready?”

You will never be 100% ready. It’s part of procrastination. You have to dive right in. One of the biggest things that held me back was waiting till I felt ready. This is a common problem.

For me, it was also part of being a perfectionist. I had to learn to adjust my attitudes and compromise.

10. “What’s this business model/plan stuff you’ve been telling us about?”

This is a huge topic which will be ongoing through much of my training.

Basically it means what proven, profitable model can you use which will meet your goals and make your dreams come true. Of course you have to be sure your goals are realistic and achievable.

Then there’s the time factor mentioned above:

This is YOU: “I want to make $5,000 per month within 6 months”

*** A friend of mine, now very successful, started with a goal of US$200 per month!

Is that feasable and possible?

What method gives me the best chance?

What is my niche?

What can I sell or create?

Where are my buyers coming from?

Who am I going to sell to?

Once we have a “broad picture” that is possible, we can start narrowing this down to planning, the “how factor”, what money/equipment do you need to accomplish what you want?

11. “I’m scared of making mistakes or looking dumb”

Get over it. You have to be prepared to make mistakes. It’s how we all learn.

12. “I’m a slow learner and worried about getting behind”

“Kevin’s Classroom” is unique. There’s nothing else like it. The training is geared for newbies and slow learners. There is no fixed contract and I will provide extra resources.

13. “Do I have to know or learn any form of coding like HTML?’

No, unless you want to become a software developer and most of these are working with offline clients meaning local small businesses.

Mostly you need cutnpaste and a simple editor like Notepad which will become “your best friend”.

Understanding FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and uploading files/folders is more important than knowing HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

14. “Do I have to be an affiliate and how do I get to become one?”

Nearly all marketers are, including the “Top Guns”. Affiliate marketing has changed and got bigger and more challenging. My training will cover Affiliate marketing including CPA (Cost Per Action) which means you get paid per lead. Not per sale.

15. “I’m worried about uploading files, FTP, DNS and CPanel”

See 13. above. I will explain everything step-by-step.

These topics are important. Everything is scary when you don’t know.

See 13. above.

16. “Do I need a blog or website?”

Yes but not necessarily both.

Don’t believe anyone who says you don’t.

17. “How important is social networking?”

You can’t ignore it but it’s not essential. You need traffic and social networking is great for getting traffic to your main site.

18. “Do I need Google AdWords and AdSense?”

No.. but you need Google!

19. “I don’t understand all this SEO stuff”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) goes hand in hand with keywords and good ranking stats from the biggest search engines, especially Google. It’s really important to the structure of posts and when you’re choosing your business name and domain names.

20 “Do I need to build a list like I keep reading about?”


21. “What is an autoresponder?”

Special software that allows you to create campaigns and send automated messages/emails to your members and/or subscribers at set time or day intervals. Even while you’re sleeping or away from home.

22. “What is email marketing?”

A combination of the above. In it’s simplest form, you make money from your subscribers by building trust and relationships, providing valuable information and presenting offers that meet their needs.

You want to be seen as the “expert”. The “go to person”.

There are many Companies that will handle the whole marketing package for you.

More news soon!


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