How to Turn Extreme Failure into Huge Success

Let’s get right into it and put the misery of failure and debt behind us.
I’ve got 12 years experience and will show you how to earn $3000 – $5000 online each month and how to scale that up to $10000 monthly if you want. However most people are extremely happy with the $3000 – $5000 monthly.
I’ll explain below but I want you to read the para above (and this whole article) a couple of times so it sinks in. My offer is free, genuine and honest.
However the fact is still there that up to 96% of marketers have failed and will continue to fail. Nobody knows exactly how many because people are all different with different goals and needs but I reckon your chance of success without help is about 1 in 1000 or worse. Plus there is a “lost time factor”. Look at my friend and ex-coach John Thornhill. It was only in his 7th year online that John could afford to give up his day job. I can give you many more names and examples.
I’ll try to explain but it’s complex. Internet marketing has been changing in the background for the last few years. But it’s all bad news for struggling marketers. Numerous upgrades and rule changes from Google, and likewise from social media. Being banned without even knowing why is still common.
What might have worked before doesn’t work now. So courses and products you purchased, most likely are never going to help you. This includes important bits being deliberately left out by the seller. The only ones making money are just the gooroos who are selling you dreams.
Affiliate marketing is hard and not easy and fast like you’ve been told so many times. Traditional affiliate marketing is now dead. To make a decent income you would have to sell many hundreds of cheap products EACH month and EVERY month. Also get paid quickly which often doesn’t happen.
What you really need is recurring income month in month out using sales funnels and at the backend sell high-ticket and high value (to your customer) items priced between say $1000 to $10000. I’ve discussed this previously in blog posts. It’s already been done by many motivated marketers.
The last piece of bad news is the cost of getting targeted quality traffic and according to my friend Dean Holland, this has risen about 80% since 2015 so you’ve got to spend more before you even get a profitable result.
BUT. My awesome and wonderful GOOD NEWS for you today is all the above problems are fixable and solutions are doable.
The other encouraging news is: Most of my successful friends and colleagues agree with me that there has never been a better time to succeed than NOW. Some reasons are fantastic new products and methods (including ecommerce with/without drop-shipping), plus the large number of genuine “done for you” and “done with you” systems. And not forgetting the enormous power of leverage and social media!
The only proviso is you MUST do things a certain way. Which means what’s working NOW. Plus you must stay focused and persevere. Never give up! Don’t let mistakes or obstacles stop you. Learn to get around them like entrepreneurs and  wealthy people do. Just follow the success pathways I will show you.
So from today I want you to put past failures behind you and fill your mind with hope and determination. This might sound easy and pat, but what else can you do but be positive, take action and move forward.
Summing up, here is what’s on offer:
1. I will show you how to earn $3000 – $5000 each month and how to scale that up to $10000 monthly if you want. As I see them I will also pass on useful articles or tips from my successful buddies. Like how they overcame hurdles and became successful. Or what is a great source of traffic. Or what tools do they use. Or which ecomm site is “hot”. That type of thing.
2. Shortly I am starting new free training. It’s all step by step from your very first day as a newbie. Do this then do that. You must follow the steps exactly. You can’t wander off to chase some “get rich quick” gooroo scheme.
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