How To Make Money Online: Lesson 7 – Mind Wins – You Lose

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P1100083_0589  How To Make Money Online: Lesson 7 – Mind Wins – You Lose

  This is Kevin and welcome again to our home study series of lessons.

  When I say Mind I am of course referring to your Sub-Conscious Mind, which resists you making any changes to the norm.

  A great many newbies and wannabies believe that if they keep buying enough products, sooner or later they will find one that fixes their problems and makes them rich.

  They are all suffering from “Gold Rush fever”.

They don’t think logically and common sense has gone “out the window”.

They should have stopped wasting money and written down:
A. This is where I am now
B. This is where I want to be and
C. What do I have to do, or change or know or learn, to get from A to B.

The same people above are convinced that it’s products they need for success. So they give little or no thought to MINDSET and ATTITUDE and SELF-DISCIPLINE.

There are a number of reasons why people fail and we’ll be talking about these as the lessons progress. But Mindset and Attitude are up there on top of the list. Self-Discipline means you focus on your goal and don’t let side-issues and other things distract you.

It’s not easy to define Mindset because it’s not just one thing. It’s a combination of several personal attributes or qualities:

I know what I want, and nothing on God’s earth is going to stop me.
I can do this and I’ll “move mountains” if I have to, to make it happen.
If I have to crawl on hands and knees, I will achieve my dreams.
If I get knocked down, I will get back up again and keep going.
I know I suck at learning, but learn I will even if it kills me.

So Mindset is a combination of guts and determination. Mistakes won’t stop you and obstacles are things to go around.

A good friend of mine and myself were always competing for first place in sales. He insisted that perseverance was the key and wouldn’t accept that it wasn’t much help if you were heading in the wrong direction.

I’ve mentioned previously that there are several “unwritten laws” that determine your success with Internet marketing.

1. If you think it’s too hard, then it will be
2. If you think you will lose, then you will lose
3. If you think you can’t win, then you won’t win

In all 3 examples, you’ve lost any common sense and your subconscious mind has convinced you that you don’t have a chance. In other words, you’re beaten already!

I’ll finish with a little story:
Kristi Henricks was a very young athlete and wonderful sprinter. She’d trained hard for the Olympics, had great trials and was still improving. Her team thought she was a good chance for a medal.
She qualified for the 100m finals then doubt crept in. Got to the starting blocks in the finals then thought to herself ” F…k!. I haven’t got a hope in hell of winning. What chance have I got?..I can’t do this”.
She came second last, and was emotionally destroyed.
Came the 4x400m women’s relay. She was so nervous…she dropped the baton at the third change.
Kristi was so ashamed of her failure and specially distraught because she had ruined medal chances for her team.

She withdrew from all competitive athletics but came back 3 years later as a successful cross-country and mid-distance runner.
Kristi figured she only had herself. Nobody depended on her. Win or lose…just her!

Your friend,

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