How To Make Money Online: Lesson 6 – Best Money Making Methods 2014

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P1080152  How To Make Money Online: Lesson 6 – Best Money Making Methods 2014

  These are not in any special order of importance, but these Money Making Methods have been very successful in 2014.

  Some of the most popular methods will become the topics of some Make Money Lessons from me during the next 4-6 weeks. I can then give you the complete honest story in full detail.

  One exercise you should do as soon as you get time:

  Go to the Warrior Forum (Lesson 5) and find the Warriors Special Offers Sub-Forum. You shouldn’t have to login first. There are 100’s of Special Offers and I have looked at all of these for you.

Browse the first 5-10 pages of 25 offers.

Doing this will help you enormously because:

A. You will see what’s “hot”
B. You will see ways to make money and be successful. Try to match these with your present skills, skills you would like to learn plus your life experiences
C. This exercise will help you decide your market niche and what you would like to sell
D. You don’t have to like what you’re selling but mostly it helps if you do

I have included some methods that relate to traffic and getting potential customers to sell to. You can have the best product in the world but without lots of traffic who convert to customers, you’re dead!

The reason you need so much traffic is because you might get 1 sale for every 1000 emails sent OR 10,000 visitors to your site might produce 15 “interested” which in turn produces 4 “really interested” and 1 sale.

I’m already aware that this is a problem for many of you who are trying to get started. I do have some good news in the New Year to make this easier.

1. eBay with and without a website. With or without your own eBay store.

2. eCommerce and drop-shipping. Can be used in association with eBay. With and without a website. Amazon physical products have become more popular for eBay and drop-shipping generally.

3. Paid advertising especially solo-ads, has been very big in 2014. You spend $250 but get back $2000-$3000. Buyers automatically become new subscribers using your autoresponder.

4. Facebook ads for a low click rate. Not for newbies. Some inexperienced marketers have lost money.

5. The major social networking sites have all increased popularity. Especially using Facebook for free traffic. YouTube is still strong if you know what you’re doing.

6. Amazon has been very strong for affiliate marketing. You can have multiple Amazon stores within 1 account. Many types of ads and links. Free and easy to join as an Associate. Amazon site is awesome and Amazon offers all the help you need to get started and make money.

7. Amazon Kindle eBooks. Always strong and Amazon helps you with covers and self-publishing.

8. New products eg plugins so you can have Amazon, eBay and other stores inside your WordPress blog or even your Facebook business page.

9. Mobile marketing very strong. There is almost one cellphone or smartphone per person on Earth. The marketing is about how you can tap into this huge database of billions of potential buyers.

10. Creating apps for 9. above and any form of social networking.

11. Same for computers, electronics, iPads and similar.

12. Creating and selling plugins or other WordPress products. Refer security and hacking. Also refer themes.

13. Product Creation especially Information Products. This is probably #1 for 2014. Don’t forget there is money in webinars, and a webinar is an information product (not just eBooks).

14. Offline marketing where you provide and set up websites/products/systems for your local small businesses. This includes Facebook business pages. Making all your client sites mobile friendly.

15. Membership sites have been really strong this year and will continue to be because they produce steady, passive income.

16. Coaching and coaching products. Linked with 15. above plus several others.

17. Writing and/or selling eBooks. Includes Resell Rights products especially PLR. Includes article writing and copywriting.

18. Software design and product development. Very strong this year because covers very broad field. Includes things like sales funnels.

19. SEO, keyword tools and getting love from Google.

20. Affiliate marketing has been a huge winner this year. Also refer CPA where you don’t sell anything. No returns and can get paid immediately. Also refer datafeeds, product pages, showcases and online stores. ClickBank recently celebrated creating 1000 millionaires.

21. Health including natural cures and alternative medicine. Includes skin care and anti-aging. Refer cancer, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. Includes back pain etc.

22. Self improvement including self-hypnosis. People are more determined to be happy and successful and have become more aware of their personal needs.

23. Weight/fat loss including dieting, fitness, working out, exercise and strength building. Includes Yoga. Includes food and nutrition.

24. Video marketing and graphics/images are all “hot”. Needed for websites and blogs. Needed for many aspects of social media. Includes video games.

25. Done-for-you systems have got more popular. Linked with coaching, membership sites and affiliate marketing. Also refer domain names and web hosting.

26. Email marketing and autoresponders inside your own site. Much cheaper, easier and faster. The big autoresponder providers have become super-expensive ($300/mth) and most still using outdated banners and pop-ups.

Your friend,

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