How To Become Successful: Mini-Course Day 3

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Today you’re going to eliminate the negative thinking that’s holding you back and preventing you from succeeding or getting what you want.

In the previous Lessons you learned how to direct your subconscious, and get focused and clear on your goals.

Hopefully you did the exercises we suggested. If not, that’s okay, work with them today.

Now to today’s Lesson (Day 3)

Negative thinking blocks your success. It makes you feel bad, you feel like you can’t move ahead and you never get what you want.

When you have a pattern of regular negative thinking. When you think of the worst, focus on why you can’t do something. But when you’re just negative you’ll attract and have more negative situations in
your life.

That’s because as you continue to hold on to your negative thoughts they become beliefs. These beliefs are picked up by your subconscious mind, which then brings you situations and opportunities that match with your negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

Here are some examples of simple negative thoughts that can really make your life difficult, create more struggles, more pain and more stress:

“I can’t…”
“I don’t know how…”
“I’m not good enough…”
“It will never work…”
“There’s no way to…”
“It’s too difficult/hard…”
“I’m not smart enough…”
“I have to work harder…”
“It’s not easy…”

If you have any of these kinds of thoughts then you have some negative thinking that’s creating negative beliefs.

The more negative thoughts you have, the more negative beliefs you’ll have and the harder life will get. That’s because your subconscious mind will just make sure that your life reflects your thoughts and beliefs.

You need to get rid of the negative thinking and the negative beliefs and the sooner the better.

Now one or two negative thoughts once in a while are usually harmless and won’t have much of an impact.

It’s those negative thoughts that are repeated over and over again that become beliefs and  really get in the way of your success.

Here’s an example:

You want to make more money. So you think about making more money. Then you have a thought that says: “it’s too hard to make more money.” You talk to a friend, who says: “Yeah, it’s tough to make money these days”. So your earlier negative thought just got re-enforced. So now you start to believe that it’s hard to make money.

Then one day you talk to another friend who gives you some suggestions on how to make more money, but instead of following up you think:  “that will never work, I’ll just end up losing money.”
So you walk away from the opportunity.

Do you see what just happened?

You had one negative thought about money, that was re-enforced and created a negative belief about money and you then turned away an opportunity to make some money because of more negative
thoughts and it’s those negative beliefs which held you back.

This is how negative thinking destroys your life.

It starts with one negative thought, then leads to another and then you create negative beliefs. Then those negative beliefs are picked up by your subconscious mind and you take the wrong action, do the
wrong thing, make the wrong choice or don’t do anything at all.

Now we both know that’s not what you want.

But that’s what you keep creating when you hold on to those negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

These negative thoughts and negative beliefs have been with you for a long time and you think that’s just the way it really is. But it’s only that way because that’s what you accept as being real!

Now you have to change those negative thoughts and negative beliefs. And you start by putting an end to the negative thinking.

So the “million dollar question” is: How do I put an end to negative thinking? Once and for all!

You do that by going one thought at a time. You remove the negative thoughts one at a time. You can do this for any thought but we also suggest you think about your goals and remove any negative
thoughts that you have when it comes to achieving those goals.

But just do one thought at a time. If you try to remove all of them at one time you’ll get frustrated, your mind will put up a fight and you’ll give up. Don’t try to do too much at one time.

You won’t be able to get rid of all your negative thoughts right away. This will take some time so have some patience but be persistent. Keep at it because your future depends on your ability to get rid
of the negative thoughts.

Remember: if you keep those negative thoughts, life will only get worse. So put an end to the negative today. You’ll enjoy a much better, happier and more rewarding life.

Get started today and get rid of those negative thoughts one at a time.

Before we finish, there are 2 suggestions we would like to make:

1. Try to visualize your goals as if you have succeeded. Picture yourself driving the car you want or choosing furnishings for the new home you want.

2. Don’t associate with negative minded people. They will destroy you and your future.

In tomorrow’s Lesson (Day 4) you’ll discover an easy, powerful way to let go of the past with its unwanted memories that get you down and prevent you from moving forward.

We both wish you tremendous success…

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Karim & Kevin 


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