How Essential Fatty Acids Help Fight Diabetes

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Essential fatty acids are fats which may be beneficial to altering cholesterol levels, improving triglyceride levels, raising HDL cholesterol, and improving cognitive and mental function.

But now it may show promise by binding to specific molecules, therefore reducing high blood sugar.

PPAR? is a receptor in your body which controls fat cell growth, and helps in increasing sensitivity of your cells to insulin.

The problem: These cells need to bind to something called a ligand in order to activate so it can do its job.

One potent nutrient PPAR? can bind itself to essential fatty acids, more specifically DHA and EPA which may help control HIGH BLOOD SUGAR

DHA and EPA are found in high amounts in fish products as well as Krill/fish oil supplements.

When PPAR? bind to essential fatty acids, there are increases in cells that produce and burn fat, and cells which are responsible for glucose uptake. They help shuttle sugar into cells!

This results in lower plasma glucose, or sugar in your blood!

This is a good thing for diabetics!

The binding of PPAR? to essential fatty acids increases the expression of GLUT4 which  is a glucose transporter found in adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, and cardiac muscle.

This transporter is responsible for removing glucose from your blood and shuttling it into the working muscles.

Result: More sugar being used by your body.

This means there is less sugar in your blood and more sugar being used by YOUR muscles for ENERGY!

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