HostGator Help: “What is Web Hosting?” Plus MORE!

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EVERY site on the Internet, needs web hosting so it’s obviously important you understand it. Also get the best deal.

Yesterday I showed you some special web hosting deals from HostGator, including a 60% discount so you can get started from $2.95/month or even 1 penny for your first month.

I should have told you that HostGator has a 45 day guarantee plus some extras such as unlimited email addresses. Plus fantastic support and lots of help articles, tutorials etc.

We talk about the web like it’s something that exists outside of physical space. Terms like “cyberspace” and “the cloud” reinforce the idea that the many sites we access on our devices don’t live anywhere physical – they’re floating out there somewhere, as if on the air.

In fact, every website that exists on the Internet takes up physical space on a web server somewhere. Web servers are giant, powerful computers.

But those web servers are out of sight for most of us—kept in storage facilities around the world that few web users have cause to visit.

Even though we don’t see or think about those servers much, they’re a necessary part of our Internet experience. And the service they provide for websites—storing them and making the site’s content accessible to people around the world online—is what we call web hosting.

In a nutshell, that’s how web hosting works.

Here’s your HostGator link..make sure you have a good look around

Why Do Websites Need Web Hosting?

When you learn how to build a website on a specific device (or a couple), it lives on those devices.

When you’re ready to publish it for the larger world to see, it has to move beyond the specific devices you own that only you have access to. But it still needs to live somewhere.

Web hosting servers are the space where your website can live and be stored while being accessible on the larger web. If you want your website to be live online—in other words, if you want anyone other than you to see it—then a website hosting package is a necessary part of the equation.

So, keeping it simple, HostGator maintains 24/7 your blog, website etc at a certain location on the Internet so your site/s is visible when people search on your site name or keywords.

Or look up your site URL/address. It works rather like your postcode.

I mentioned that HostGator has many help articles, blog posts or tutorials. So look for these when you’re at their home page using this link: https://kevin-johnston.com/HostGatorSpecialDeals

Here’s a good example: “How to Build a Website”
I’ve pasted an extract for you below:

First, Setup Your Hosting and Domain

The first step towards building your website is making sure your domain is purchased and your hosting is all set up. You can purchase your domain from a variety of sources, including HostGator.

The same goes for hosting, as HostGator is a great hosting choice for beginners as it’s very easy to setup.

Once your website and hosting are good to go you’ll have your basic framework setup, so you can begin building your new website.

Second, Choose the Right Framework

There are numerous website frameworks and builders that you’ll be able to choose from. We highlight a few of the most popular choices below:

1. Use HostGator’s Site Builder

HostGator provides you with a website builder that allows you to easily setup a website in a matter of minutes.

If you have a shared hosting plan through HostGator, then this service is included for free with your hosting package.

There are a variety of templates to choose from within the site builder. Just choose a template that you feel is in alignment with the goals of your website. Customize it to your liking and save your website.

2. Use a CMS like WordPress

If you have a little more technical know how and want to use a full-fledged content management system, then we recommend giving WordPress a go.

If you have HostGator hosting, then you can use the QuickInstall process that’s located on your cPanel, to install WordPress for free.

Once you have WordPress installed you can customize your site by choosing from the plethora of paid and free themes. Just download the theme, and upload it by navigating to Appearance>Add New>Upload Theme.

You can then customize your theme by navigating to Appearance>Customize within the WordPress dashboard.

I hope all this helps you. I have specially written this for those of you who don’t know much.

Your friend and mentor,
Kevin Johnston

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