Green Tea for Heart, Weight Loss, BMI

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Green Tea and Metabolic Syndrome

Green tea, which has been the staple beverage in Asian cultures for centuries, has been shown to have protective effects on your health.

In fact, green tea is full of powerful antioxidants and anthocyanins, which have been shown beneficial to heart and overall health.

However, one potent nutrient, ECGC, has been shown effective as a way to boost weight loss, which could be why it is becoming the second most consumed beverage in the world (next to water).

The authors of this study evaluated the effects of green tea consumption on different components of Metabolic Syndrome in elderly populations.

They performed an intervention study on 45 elderly participants who were in a Geriatric Service Hospital.

They separated the participants into two groups: a control group, who were instructed not to change any aspects of their diet and a green tea group which was instructed to have one gram of green tea, three times daily for 60 days.

Their results showed that there was statistically significant weight loss in only the green tea group.

Also, the researchers found that there was a decrease in body mass index (BMI) and a decrease in waist circumference as well in the green tea group.

From their data, they concluded that green tea consumption could affect weight loss, BMI, and waist circumference in elderly people who suffer from Metabolic Syndrome.

Although this study shows promise, more research is needed to replicate their findings. However, this study does corroborate previous findings regarding the effects of green tea on weight loss.

Metabolic Syndrome itself is highlighted by high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, and high cholesterol.

The full report can be accessed here:


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