[Free Training] How To Have it ALL by Living Your True Self

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T. Harv Eker teaches something called the false self vs. the true self.

When you are living in your false self, this is normally what is happening (see if you can relate)…


Need other people’s approval

Compare yourself with other people

Difficult time making decisions and tend to waste a lot of time waffling over things

Lack of clarity on goals/vision

Tend to have limiting beliefs about what you can and can’t do

Don’t feel like you have enough time or resources

Don’t feel like you have enough finances to do the things you want to do

Don’t have enough confidence to take action towards what you really want

Intimidated by others

Low self-worth or have a lot of self-doubt

Feel ‘not good enough’ or ‘unqualified’

Feel scattered and unfocused

Angry and frustrated with others and yourself

Judgmental and critical of others and yourself

Powerless and bound by circumstance/situations/people

Focus on the problems in everything and everyone

Spend a majority of your time going from problem to problem, hoping one day they will magically all be fixed and then you’ll finally be free of them.

On the flip side, when you live in your true self, this is what it looks and feels like (see if you can relate here as well)…


You consciously choose thoughts that support you

You have the ability to observe your mind and not blindly believe everything it says

You have no need for other people’s approval.

You’ve ingrained a whatever it takes type attitude

You can easily say “no” to people without a fear of disappointing them or feeling bad about it

You have unwavering focus and clarity on your goals and priorities

You have a strong self-worth with minimal self-doubt

You are confident in whatever actions you take

You’re driven and powerful from the inside out

You feel like you have it ALL and know you will succeed no matter what, in spite of all obstacles

You follow through and always do what you say you’re going to do

Radically different ways of being, yes or yes?

Can you see how different someone’s life would be if they lived in their true self vs their false self?

For the majority of people, they relate more with their false self and rarely live in their true self.

And as you can probably see, that’s going to cause problems.

Harv’s training was designed to help you unlock your true self, and meet it, maybe for the first time.

It was designed to get you into the habit of living in your true self ALL the time.

If this sounds exciting to you, join Harv on his Free Training now so he can give you the exact steps to do so.

Please click link below for Harv’s excellent training:


Wishing you much success,
Kevin Johnston

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