Doctor says: Fat Loss is NOT Dieting. It’s Hormones!

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There are many different factors that cause you to gain weight. And this weight gain is a huge DRAIN on your energy and hormone levels.
One of the biggest risk factors, according to some research, is inflamed FAT CELLS. Inflamed fat cells could decrease hormone production and FAT-UTILIZING proteins from being released.
See here: http://bit.ly/1KHgi4X

It’s the same reason why most “expert” advice about nutrition leaves people more confused than ever about how to eat a “healthy diet”…

And That’s MONEY…
The money the Food Industry spends every year to influence what the government and even many “certified” nutritionists tell the public about what to eat …
In exchange for these lobbying dollars – over $21 million this year just to Congress alone – “Big Food” gets to put its “stamp of approval” on everything from the Food Pyramid… to health research at America’s colleges and universities.
It even buys “heart healthy” endorsements for products like sugar-packed cereals…
“Detoxing” and changing your fat cells from your worst enemy into your waistline’s new best friend is much simpler, cheaper and EASIER than any traditional “diet” or exercise routine.
Because getting healthy fat cells that naturally shrink and stay that way doesn’t involve “starving yourself” or sweating on a treadmill.
Believe it or not, it’s all about HORMONES.
That’s right, hormones – but not the ones you’ve probably heard of like testosterone and estrogen. This has nothing to do with age or whether you’re a man or a woman. These hormones are produced by the fat cells in everyone’s body… and when your fat cells are “toxic,” these hormones get way out of whack.
You might even have heard about the most important of these “fat hormones” on the news.
“You CAN’T “lose” fat. It’s physically impossible.”
That’s what Dr. Mike Roussell claims. He doesn’t believe in dieting at all!
Can This Powerful Secret SHRINK Your Fat Cells?
See for yourself here: http://bit.ly/1ZqeOH0
This business of losing weight is not easy and can be totally confusing as I’m sure you agree. There is so much wrong information out there. What I am bringing you is real true advice from real true experts with many years of research and modern experience behind them.
Here are some great links for you where “things” are explained fully.
Please take a few moments and click below:
The information is wonderful and you should love it!

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