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Coffee is full of powerful antioxidants and phenols which may reverse aging and may slow age associated disease process.

For one caffeine is a stimulant to your central nervous system which keeps you alert and functioning. Also stimulation of your CNS may also increase metabolism.

This means you may be able to BURN more FAT by drinking COFFEE. There is more good news…drinking coffee has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Women who drink an average of 4 cups per day may lower their risk of developing endometrial cancer by 25%.

Endometrial cancer begins in the cells of your uterus that release fluid and mucus.

Caffeine has various uses and is most powerful when consumed in an anhydrous state (capsule/tablet, powder ) as compared to coffee.”

Anhydrous just means “dry” “no water”.

Caffeine may be able to improve performance, increase cognitive function, and increase fatty acid oxidation in your body. In fact, caffeine may also be able to increase metabolism and fatty acid oxidation in obese, lean, and older adults.

Caffeine has direct influence on your central nervous system, or the system which controls our fight or flight response.

Your central nervous system increases the productions of epinephrine, which (as you may know) stimulates lipolysis, or the process of burning fat for energy..

Research showed a dramatic response in both lean and obese subjects. By simply ingesting caffeine, the subjects showed a PROLONGED thermogenic response through the night.

Simply put, these subjects continued to burn energy all night long!

Also, the researchers noted that by just ingesting caffeine, subjects were able to oxidize more fatty acids and carbohydrates, which was then used later for energy.

From their work, they concluded that caffeine resulted in a significant (as high as 29 percent) increase in fat burning in lean and obese subjects.

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