America Is LAST In This Health Category

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The National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance (NFVA) has found that very few Americans meet the daily recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption.

As a trainer, I strive to maintain proper nutrition and health by eating right and exercising daily.

It helps to keep my nutritional foundation strong and keeps me healthy all year long. I got this advice from Jayson Hunter, my friend and owner of JayLab Pro Nutrition.

He’s also my go-to resource for helping my clients stay healthy.

He wrote this pretty eye-opening article that I think you really need to see. It discusses the importance of getting your fruits and vegetables every day and, if you miss a day, the steps you should take to correct this potential break in your nutritional foundation.

>>= > Americans Are Close To LAST When It Comes To Eating Fruits and Vegetables>>

Please click article link below and get started. It’s an excellent article to help you stay healthy:


Your good health mentor,
Kevin Johnston

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