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You’ve only got one job…list building!


I know this can’t seem possible, but think about it.. calmly and logically.

What must you do every day to make sure you’re getting new customers into your pipeline to create more revenue and more long-term cash for your business.

That’s right. Prospecting. List building. New leads acquisition.

No matter what you call it, it’s the #1 task you have to do every day.

List growth = Revenue growth.

It’s that simple.

Not everyone understands that basic concept, but my friend David sure does.

In the last year, he’s quadrupled his list size. And in the past 8 days, he’s added just under 5,000 new people to his list.

He understands this completely.

He also has a lot of friends who understand the importance of list building.

So, he coaxed those folks to to spill the beans about their list building experience. And they did.

The result was step-by-step blueprints for multiple list building strategies and techniques.

Now, David has allowed me to offer that very same help to you. Click HERE for help.

You have the chance to kick start your list building efforts right now because it’s so important.

BUT BEWARE: There are 4 sections to the Mastering List Building course including:

1) Resource material
2) Microworkshop: Listbuilding with Mindmaps with Bob Jenkins
3) Interviews with experts, and
4) Daily Video tasks for Beginners and Advanced

This much may scare you a little bit, but that’s why it’s broken it down into easy-to-consume chunks.

Listen, list building is your #1 Job if you’re going to be an online business person.

AND even though this is usually priced for the public at $297, David has dropped it to $47 just for us for the next 72 hours.

That, my friend, is a deal of epic proportions. Here’s what you get:

√ For Beginners: 30-Days of Daily List Building Tasks

√ For Advanced Marketer: 30 More Days of List Building Tasks

Interviews with big time list building experts such as:

√ Dr. Ben Adkins – Facebook Traffic Generation

√ Connie Ragen Green – Tiny List, Huge Profits

√ Kevin Riley – How to Find Hot, Profitable Ideas for Articles, Blog Posts, and Info Products

√ Kathleen Gage – Key to Your Success

√ Paul Taubman – How to Create a Sales Funnel in WordPress

√ Dennis Becker – Can You Build A Six Figure Business From a Free E-Book?

√ Lou Bortone – Building Your Persona on Youtube to Build Your Subscriber List

√ Nicole Dean – Monetize Your List – Even the Freebie Seekers!

and more.

Do it now…Click HERE for complete information>

Imagine for a second that you get this package, take the training, and do the tasks? What does your life look like in the next year.

Do you know have a list of 10,000 generating a dollar per subscriber per month? $10,000 a month can be life changing money for nearly everyone.

That is completely within reach if you follow the steps in Mastering List Building.

By the way, there’s a private Facebook group for this course too so that you can share your success and ask questions in there as well for further clarification and guidance.

I truly want you to be successful with your business. And it starts with list building.

My friend and coach, John Thornhill, put-off list building for 3 years, and this delay cost him many $1000’s and slowed his success.

You will need a reliable autoresponder supplier. I use and recommend TrafficWave. They are very helpful and the cheapest. The initial cost (under $20/mth) stays the same as your list size grows. Use link:


To Your Success,

PS. Your focus must be on list building – filling your new leads pipeline. Any business that ignores this concept will not survive.

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