Why You MUST Use Sales Funnels

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IMG_0162 (2)You are not likely to succeed without Sales Funnels!
I could write pages about the importance of Sales Funnels but the main issues are shown below because I don’t want you to fail.
You must build a list of subscribers because these are the people you’ll be selling to. Internet marketing means selling a product or service. You might actually have several mailing lists if you’re promoting into a number of different niches eg make money, health & fitness, beauty products.
When should you start building your list/s?
The answer is, as soon as you start your home business. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Look at John Thornhill. He regrets very much that he put it off for 3 years because he thought it was too hard.
At a minimum you need an optin page connected to your chosen autoresponder. An optin page is the same as a squeeze page or landing page. What’s different is the design, text, colors, gifts etc. Nearly all experienced marketers are finding it harder and harder to get optins/signups.
So what is a sales funnel?
A sales funnel is like a conveyor belt and in a typical sales funnel there is a front-end product/service mostly around $5 to $9 which is promoted as the main product/service but to access this you must first provide your name and email address.
Then as you move through the funnel, you’ll be shown several upsells and downsells. An upsell is the same as a one-time-offer (OTO) which they rarely are. A downsell is a discount, less items or maybe without the bonuses. After you’ve declined an upsell.
The final product/service is the most costly and usually a membership such as coaching or monthly PLR and websites.
It makes me very angry when I see too many upsells and downsells. Especially when the front-end product is heavily promoted by the seller as being “complete” without lots of extras needed. When you buy a car you don’t expect to pay extra for the wheels.
The bottom line is you’re gaining new subscribers as well as possibly making big money from the sale of 3 to 5 products in the funnel plus the chance of back-end sales (your other products/services).
Also in a funnel you are more likely to get a real email address not a false one. If someone has purchased one of these products they must provide a real address to receive the download/s.
Another big advantage of a sales funnel is it’s not essential to have a website. Just send targeted traffic to your funnel URL. If you don’t have lots of subscribers already, you do what everyone else does which means you buy quality traffic and direct them to your funnel URL. I can provide all of this!
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To your success,
Kevin Johnston

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