Why Start The New Year Off Broke And Unhappy?

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Well the holiday season is over and now it’s time to focus on your goals for the New Year.

I was going to write “resolutions”. But these usually don’t stick after the first failure.

According to University research, if you have goals, especially if you write (sticky notes are fine) them down you are 6 times more successful.

Some of you have already booked some sessions with me, which is the first step in the process.

The second step is making sure you have the right nutritional pieces in place to make 2019 your best year ever.

You and I have “talked” a lot in the last 12 months, about your health and fitness…this includes weight loss, aging problems and diseases, plus others like blood sugar.

This of course includes your family and loved ones. They use you as an example to guide their path.

So obviously it’s very important that you always have the best information.

Nobody in this world knows everything. Medical Doctor’s included. Especially if they’re influenced by Big Pharma.

So if I can’t help you, I will seek advice from a real world expert like Jayson Hunter, and forward replies back to you.

This is a free service you’re welcome to use. Especially for all aspects of food and nutrition, health and fitness, dieting and weight loss, muscle toning and exercise, carbs and protein, blood sugar.

I nearly forgot to tell you that we have loads of great free articles. Just ask me!

My best email address is kevin@kevin-johnston.com
Make sure your reply details are complete.

But for now I have some great news…

My friends over at JayLab Pro have started their New Year’s sale already. And if you have been following my emails or blog posts lately, then you know just how much I LOVE JayLab Pro.

That’s why I own a JayLab store!

Well anyhow, they are starting a New Year Sale commencing this Friday.

It costs nothing but a couple of minutes to visit their store and have a look around.

Click link to visit store:

You will receive 25% off discount for any or all purchases when using Coupon Code NY25 at checkout!

Happy New Year,
Kevin Johnston

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