Why heavy metals are the primary cause of diseases!

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The connection between toxins and disease is UNDISPUTED, but it’s still being IGNORED by conventional medicine!

And, they’re everywhere: food, water, air, household products. Even the hosts of The Heavy Metals Summit, who have made it their life’s work to find them, say they’re constantly uncovering new sources of toxins in their lives.

+ Do you know someone who smokes cigarettes? Are they detoxing the cadmium and other metals ingested from cigarette smoking?

+ Do you know someone on the autism spectrum? Have they undergone an aluminum detox and seen improvements in speech and function?

+ Do you know how much mercury is in your body? EVERYONE has some level of this toxic element inside their bodies.

+ Do you eat right, exercise, take high quality supplements but still don’t feel well? Without a heavy metals detox, most cannot meet their health goals and feel their best.

So how do you detox from these environmental toxins, especially when conventional medicine ignores them?

Join me at The Heavy Metals Summit, free and online:


Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC, Christine Schaffner, ND, and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, have spent the last few months gathering the right experts, information and protocols to help you understand the danger of environmental toxins and what to do about them.

Every day, they help their patients regain health, in some part through heavy metal detoxification. People with incorrect diagnoses of multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or thyroid issues, just to name a few, have found relief through their innovative and individualized protocols to reduce the burden of heavy metals.

They’re here to help you by sharing that wisdom Jan 29 – Feb 5, 2018:


Please protect your whole family (including new-borns). I forgot to tell you last time that some babies are being born with high levels of toxins.

P.S. No one can escape environmental toxins. That’s why you MUST learn to overcome their influences!

Heavy Metals Summit

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