What Is A Niche?

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Understanding niches.

A niche is your target market and choosing the right one which is profitable, is one of the very first things you must do when you’re starting your Internet marketing home business. It’s critical you get this right.

You cannot move forward until you have done this. You can’t choose your domain name or the title and content of your blog, as examples.

Later once you gain experience, you can add more good niches but have a separate site for each niche.

Let’s suppose you choose weight loss…in actual fact fat loss, because muscle mass is denser and heavier than excess fat. So your weight can actually go up.

Weight loss could be a good choice but is too broad. Plus there might be 3 million or more weight loss sites already online. So too much competition.

What you do is “drill down” to a lower level called a “sub-niche” which is less broad with less competition.

You might choose “fast fat loss for busy people without gym workouts” .These people might be too tired after work or don’t have the time to go to the gym. Don’t forget are you including women and men?

You can also drill down further to a “micro-niche” which might be “best foods before and after exercising” OR “best exercises during and after pregnancy”. Here you’ve gone from women/men to just women so you need to choose whether you want to promote to both sexes with your niche choice.

You should also consider is there an age factor with your niche choice? Is it all ages? Under 60? 20 to 35?

Presently I’m just throwing ideas at you. Officially the protocol is you go to a couple of busy affiliate networks like ClickBank and JVZoo and see what’s selling well in your “fat loss” niche. Also soak up lots of good ideas about seller’s site designs and their promotion techniques. Stuff you can copy and use yourself.


Here are my recommendations based on my years of experience and products I use myself.

1. I love ClickBank but it’s very hard and slow to get around their marketplace and see what’s there. Their search function is unreliable.
Fantastic product with so many great features you will see when you check it out.

2. Matt has sold huge numbers of this wonderful proven product.

3. John and Dave have released this best seller updated for 2018.

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