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Anik Singal is well known and much loved by most marketers and is the creator and CEO of Lurn and VSS Mind specializing in Digital Publishing.

15 years ago he was a pre-med college student studying biology but got engrossed in  stories on the Internet about people making huge amounts of money online.

He began studying Internet marketing day and night for 18 months but failed over 50 times and got into debt. Didn’t even earn $1.

Anik decided to quit but as a last try posted a notice on a Community board, detailing what he had done and asking for help. An anonymous stranger read the notice, contacted Anik and spent a day with him explaining he had a successful “money system”.

In a last ditch effort Anik installed this system, didn’t sleep, jumped out of bed and to his huge surprise, he had earned $300 overnight. This was more than his previous 18 months combined.

The rest is history. Now his digital publishing businesses generate over $20 Million/year in sales; and he has helped contribute to over $100 Million in online publishing sales (between his own products and his clients’ businesses). But still based on the “money system” above.

Today, Anik teaches people how to create their own online passion-based businesses and how to maximize profits. He is passionate about email marketing and getting quality traffic.

Go here for Anik’s Money System Story:


Go here for Anik’s email marketing training:


But tonight I mostly want to talk about Anik’s “Secret Formula For Generating More Than $32,056 a Day In Automated Income From Facebook™ Ads – Never Before Revealed!”

The link for FB Academy Webinar is:

Anik has spent $3.5Mill to learn and fine tune every aspect of Facebook advertising.

The information above is very valuable and should be hugeful helpful for you and I’m excited about that.

Your friend and mentor,

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