Understanding traffic and when-where to start sending

What prompted this article is I have seen several of my colleagues tell their members that the first thing they should do is “get traffic” but they don’t explain what traffic means and how do you get it.

Certainly you should start building your subscriber list as soon as possible but this requires a knowledge of autoresponders and I certainly wouldn’t recommend this on Day 1. An autoresponder automates list building and sales processes.

If you’re a newbie or just getting started your very first task is to decide why you want to be an Internet marketer and what are your resulting goals. Example: Pay monthly bills and expenses, buy new car, pay mortgage, vacations, kid’s education, entertainment as examples.

You should also be considering WHO you are going to sell to. This is important and missed by many marketers.

Traffic = Sales Not true!
Traffic + Conversions = Sales Is half true!

Targeted Traffic + Dedicated Conversions = Sales and you will make money.

Targeted Traffic + Dedicated Conversions + Economics = Sales   is the most true because Economics means a combination of what your time is worth + what did or will the traffic cost you?  This mostly relates to paid traffic.
Traffic means prospects or visitors to your  website, blog, social media page or affiliate links. They become leads when they join your mailing list or optin at the open end of your sales funnel.
The best form of selling is providing solutions for people’s needs and if their problems needs fixing urgently, then your chance of a sale is more likely. Example: back pain which is stopping a good night’s sleep plus reduced mobility.
Another very important aspect of traffic is it needs to be “targeted” which means interested in the type of product or service you’re promoting. “ladies shoes & bags” people don’t want to be sent to “kitchen gadgets” or “fishing tackle”.
Your must Let’s have a closer look at words I’ve used above. “visit” implies you have to be VISIBLE online such as your blog or social media page. It’s no good sending traffic to your home business that might exist in your mind, but is NOT visible on the Internet because you don’t own any type of site. Why would you send customers to an empty space with concrete walls in a shopping mall? Enough said.
The simplest item you can send traffic to is one of your clickable affiliate links. For this you don’t require a blog, website or social media business page. BUT this is “cold” traffic which doesn’t know you, so a sale is not likely.
Better to use a URL which means Uniform Resource Locator or simply “web address”. Kevin Johnston’s Blog is my main WordPress blog and the URL is http://kevin-johnston.com which most likely is where you are now. This is a URL with an affiliate link: http://kevin-johnston.com/300HowToVideoNewbieTraining So I could send traffic to my whole blog, one article or just one affiliate link. I use NameCheap for all my blog domains and web hosting, and it’s very cheap (about 5 bucks monthly). Go to: http://kevin-johnston.com/NameCheap
I have a large online store at http://www.homebizcashmachines.com/store/?p=2 so you can see how what seems a simple link can be so powerful and contain huge amounts of products and information. An important message here is don’t sell just one product. Sell multiple products.
A great move by you would be having an online health store which is a good niche. Niche = your target market. Depending on who your merchant is you might have 50, 500, or 1000 products available to promote. Also these larger merchants mostly have their own Affiliate Manager keen to help you. The most I’ve had is 38,000 products from one merchant.
In all cases you can promote single products, product groups or all products. Some of these merchants will “auto-approve” you as an affiliate. Some not. They don’t want time-wasters.
We’ve now reached the point where you should have your own blog/site which is where your home biz is located.
I can show you everything you need to know but you need to complete 2 simple tasks: 1. Join my mailing list so I can send you emails about all the above (see the subscribe form in the sidebar of my blog). 2. Decide which niche you want to be active with.
Selecting a good niche is easier if you take into account your work experiences, hobbies and other skills, life and family experiences, plus social connections.
Here’s my offer. I will help you for free provided you’re on my mailing list, you’re keen to succeed, you’re focused and you’re proactive with communications.
With regard to this article and the info above. If you need help or advice just email me: kevin@kevin-johnston.com I receive 100’s of emails daily so put something in the subject line to catch my attention like “Help needed”.
Last comment. I’m a consultant for MOBE founded by Matt Lloyd who is totally brilliant: (http://kevin-johnston.com/HowToEarn10KMonthly) Matt says traffic comes last meaning get your home biz structure up first. You build your aircraft before you fill up with fuel.
Your friend and mentor,
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