These ATTENTION BARS Stop Visitors Leaving

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I need to talk to you directly because I know most of you have been trying really hard to get visitors to your website or business page.

So visitors are “gold” if you know what I mean.

When visitors do arrive at your website or page, you want them to DO SOMETHING right?

You want them to buy a product, become a member, click an affiliate link, engage with your content or subscribe to your newsletter…(or something similar, that’s going to put money in your bank account)

And that seems clear enough.

However, according to stats, the average visitor only stays for 7 seconds while deciding whether to stay or leave. On top of that they’ve got “banner blindness”.

This means that
1. You must make it very clear what your site is all about.

2. You must make it very clear what your promotion is about and how it will help them with their “problems”.

3. You must have a very clear “call to action” ie what ACTION do you want your visitors to take?
Don’t be shy or hesitant!
Most marketers are very vague about this.

4. You must use every legit tool/method you can to keep visitors on your site/page. The longer they’re there the more time to read your stuff and BUY.

So ..Each time a visitor lands on your page, 90% takes ZERO action and simply leaves is a MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

To make it worse, about 70% of these visitors will NEVER come back!

So pass the tissues and STOP letting it happen!

You GET PAID when your visitors TAKE ACTION so don’t make the same mistake!

Great News! I do have a solution to your retention problem.

Jump on this crazy offer before it’s gone or the price goes up. See link below:

So what’s possible now is:

Turning your visitors into newsletter subscribers.

Directing web visitors to a coupon or other special offer.

Inviting visitors to share your content.

Encouraging visitors to register for a webinar, join a contest, or take some other action.

Making announcements and sharing news.

Sending visitors to an affiliate offer.

With tons of cool profit boosting features like Countdown Timers, Exit Intent and Smart Triggering ALL included you really need to take advantage of this special deal today!

You can add an Attention Bar to any page, not just the front page.

Remember to build relationships with:
Saying Hi
Saying Thanks for visiting
Saying Here’s a great free report about losing excess belly fat quickly
(includes your affiliate link)

Get started here to better engage your visitors:

Also receive lots of friendly help, support and tutorials.

Kevin Johnston

PS If visitors stay longer, maybe they will like your other stuff, and be more likely to return.

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