These 6 DFY Membership Sites Can Pay Your Monthly Bills

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Yes you should become an affiliate marketer but traditional methods don’t work anymore. It’s gotten too hard to get subscribers to cultivate and sell to. Also you need many 100’s of sales to make say $5000 plus per month.

Another thing is sellers are often slow to pay you. Usually it’s around 60 days at the end of the guarantee period. So getting paid instantly is rare. This means it’s very hard for you to budget ahead.

Product creation is great if it fits what people want and need right NOW. It’s a bit like the changing fast food market. Mostly product creation is slow, difficult and expensive.

So concentrate on quality Resell Rights Products especially PLR which is Private Label Rights a name chosen by my then coach Jimmy D Brown, years ago.

What works super well are membership sites which can provide high incomes and you can budget for your monthly expenses.

I’ve just came across something fantastic that is going to take all of the work out of having your own membership site.

It’s a completely done for you (DFY) offer where you get not 1 but 6 membership sites that you can easily setup and start building a monthly-income with.

So you’ve got SIX monthly-income streams actually!

Plus I’ve got some more great news for you but it’s urgent!

For the next 3 days you can save 90% off the original price for resale rights to all 6 of these memberships. When the timer on that page expires the price WILL go back up to the original price, so make sure you stop what you’re doing right now, and grab this offer!

You get a couple of options including a Install Service and a Resell Service where you’ve got the 6 sites but you can sell the same package to someone else which is a Win-Win situation. One sale can pay for this package.

This is a genuine offer and here are the links:

Most likely you will need a domain name and shared hosting (unlimited domains). I’ve tried all the registrars but use NameCheap who have the best mix of price and great service.
The link is: http://kevin-johnston.com/NameCheap

Buy a .com domain name with words showing a connection to making money online. This helps people find you.
OR the domain name can simply be www.yourfirstnameyourlastname.com

To build a list of subscribers to sell to, you must have an autoresponder. Use the link below. Extra reasons I’m recommending AWeber are: You don’t need to use double optin anymore. Also if you have a blog…new users and comment makers can now be added to your list automatically. Plus they have a Facebook subscribe app.


This is a great chance for action takers to make big bucks and establish themselves as a real player.

Talk soon,

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