The Real Truth About Emotions & Chronic Pain

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How To Fool Your Back Pain By Changing Your Emotions: Stanford Study finds link between chronic pain and depression.
It’s true all of us have bad days.But for some, those bad days can also be the time when you feel at your worst emotionally. But have you ever noticed that on those ‘bad days’ you might also be feeling an increased surge of back pain?
And the funny thing is that you might not be able to understand why your back pain feels worse on certain days and not quite as bad on other days.
A recent Stanford University study of over 18,000 participants who were being treated for depression were also found to have varying levels of chronic pain. In fact doctors were shocked to discover that 43% of participants reported that their depression and moodiness increased their levels of chronic backache and headaches significantly.
Why this study is so amazing is that up until this point doctors never made a common practice of asking their depressed patients how this was affecting their back pain!
The real question of the study became more of a riddle when doctors wanted to discover if depression or chronic back pain came first. The study essentially concluded that people who reported they suffered with mild or severe depression also experienced a much greater severity of back pain on those days.
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Talk soon,
Kevin Johnston

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