The Good News and Importance of Sales Funnels

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My post today is so you can have an understanding of sales funnels and why they are so important. Please be aware that there are other types of funnels, but that’s a story for another day.

Every experienced marketer, including myself, knows from his members and followers that they all have their minds set on earning $10k per month which is obviously $120k ($120,000) per year.

Nearly all these experienced marketers are affiliates like you but they have adapted to change. In recent years there have been major changes to Internet marketing and the old, traditional ways as in affiliate marketing don’t work anymore.

The good news is there are still 100’s of ways to make big money and that’s a major reason why I’m writing to you today.

You CANNOT earn $10K per month unless you change your marketing methods and mindset of course.

The 2 important methods are using sales funnels and selling what’s called high-ticket products and services. It can vary greatly because there are no limits. But high-ticket usually means between $500 and $5000.

So here we are today talking about sales funnels!

Most Internet marketing products are sold through JVZoo, Warrior Forum (Warrior Plus Special Offers) or ClickBank. Typically the products are digital meaning downloadable from a zip file

Most of the time the seller will use sales funnels because this way both the seller and affiliates stand to make a lot more money. It’s possible for an affiliate to earn up to about $900 from just 1 buyer.

You as a Internet marketer must understand these processes because you obviously want to make as much money as you can. Maybe $600 instead of $20 per buyer purchase!

I must emphasize that you don’t need to become a funnel expert and you don’t have to build any funnels unless of course you want to learn how to. You just need to understand what a sales funnel is and how the process works.

You really want to make the process work for your benefit of course which is making money and building your list of subscribers. You can do both with sales funnels.

When a prospect comes in at the top of the funnel they are first offered a bribe/free gift (using a squeeze page) to get their name and email address. The gift should be high quality such that the buyer would gladly pay for it.

While the gift is downloaded the prospect (now a subscriber) enters the funnel and sees the front-end product sales copy for the advertised product release.

After buying the front-end product, prospect moves deeper into the funnel and receives from the seller, a series of upsells and downsells which are all in the same theme/niche.

Upsells may be called OTO’s (one-time-offers). If prospect says NO they are shown the downsell which is cheaper. Example would be 25 mini-sites instead of 50. Upsells increase in cost and value through the funnel.

Provided the prospect hasn’t exited, they are shown more upsells and downsells. Usually 3 or 4. So the front end product might be $17 but upsell 4 might be $197 or even higher.

There is no fixed rule for how many upsells in the funnel. But too many makes your prospect/buyer quite angry and upset. I’ve been there!

Most profit for the seller is with backend sales at the end of the funnel.

As a side comment, experienced marketers won’t just have one email list for this funnel. They would have 5 or 6 lists which includes the people who said NO.

Suppose you’re in ClickBank, when choosing a good product to promote, try to get one that uses funnels in their marketing. It’s easy to check this out, and many sellers on ClickBank do use funnels these days and will tell you.

Also suppose you’re a newbie and chose a product or service to give you $20 commission. You should realise that this most likely is a random one-off sale and you’re not building your list. However if using a funnel, you make lots more money and build your list at the same time.

An example of a service is you get commissions for selling memberships to a gym.

**** I need to warn you about funnels when you are a buyer (not a seller) of one of the hot products you’ve heard about.

Unless you Google for reviews for a certain product, you don’t know how many upsells, what they offer, and the separate prices for them.

Suppose you’re not broke but you haven’t got lots of money either. You love Product X also Upsell1/OTO1 and these fit well with your business plans.

Next you’re shown Upsell 2/OTO2 at $67. If you’re not careful, in your excitement, you might keep buying, spend $195 or more and later regret it.

What is really frustrating is you don’t know what’s ahead. So you use up all your cash to buy OTO2 which you’re only half excited about anyway. Then you exit the program.

Later on, you find out what’s in OTO3 and it’s absolutely fantastic for you but you can’t buy it because you’ve used up all your money buying OTO2. Or maybe the discounted prices or the promotion is finished.

So my message to you today is:
1. Watch your finances and know ahead of time how much money you can reasonably spend on a really good useful product. People make this mistake all the time and regret the spend.

2. Sometimes you are all revved up and buy a product but the next day you wouldn’t buy it. This is common as well.

3. Try to do the review search I mentioned. You might even see it in a promotional email. With that new knowledge, you can skip OTO2 you half-wanted and buy OTO3 which really excites you.

4. Don’t buy any product anywhere if you are not going to download, install and use it. According to a workshop I attended….up to 60% of people buy a product, even an awesome one, and don’t bother to download it. Or they lose the download file/s. Or they are off buying some other money dream.

5. A friend of mine who is a top marketer told me at a product launch, that they were already aware that maybe only 5% of their buyers would jump right in all excited, and actually install and use the product to full benefit.

Today’s post is longer than planned but I certainly didn’t want to leave important bits out. If you have a sensible question and need help you’re welcome to email me: kevin@kevin-johnston.com

Before I go, please visit these links for 2 awesome funnel money-making systems:

Your friend & home biz mentor,
Kevin Johnston

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