The BEST Oils For Cooking

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There are a ton of oils you can choose from for cooking, BUT not all the oils maintain their health-promoting effects. Also some oils can be falsely advertised and are not as “pure” as stated on the label.

In fact, if some oils get too HOT, the healthy fats contained in them can degrade, which could lead to NEGATIVE health effects.

However, before we get into the BEST oils for cooking, most oils come in THREE distinct categories depending on the type of fat that is found in them.

The different types of fat are:

Saturated fats – the molecules in this type of fat are bound tightly together, making this type of fat stable – even when exposed to high heats. These types of oils may be the BEST kind of oils for cooking.

Monounsaturated fats – these fats are not as tightly bound (compared to saturated fats) but still remain stable when exposed to heat.

If you want to cook with this type of fat, then you should keep the heat on the low to medium side to retain all the potent health benefits.

Polyunsaturated fats – these fats are NOT as tightly bound, therefore they are very unstable when it comes to heat exposure. You should NOT use this type of oil for cooking.

So, what are the BEST oils for cooking? What are the WORST?

Well, there are a couple of wonderful oils for cooking, and you can get all the expert details by clicking the link below:

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