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There are lots of Business Models and of these Affiliate Marketing is by-far the most popular business model where you can earn a commission from promoting and selling a certain product or service listed in an Affiliate Network such as ClickBank, JVZoo or The Warrior Forum part of which is WarriorPLUS which displays a large number of Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s). This is where you’ll find the latest products and releases that you might like to become an affiliate for.

I could write pages explaining the real facts about Affiliate Marketing (which I fully recommend) but this is a blog post so I can’t. However you need to understand and accept that Affiliate Marketing is not as easy as people tell you. Also as I’ve said previously, much of what you see, read and hear is simply not true or it’s maybe half-true but how the hell are
you supposed to know.

I was at a Misha Wilson (one of the good guys) Webinar last night. One thing Misha said (which I knew already) was “most Internet marketers deliberately set out to confuse you so you will keep buying products or courses which you think will fix
your problems”.

So to help you I’m pleased to offer you Private Label Rights To 2 Top Quality Exclusive AFFILIATE VIDEO TRAINING Programs Complete With Sales Videos, Transcripts and MUCH More.. And All For Just Pennies On The Dollar!

Just have a look at:


If you’re looking for high quality PLR products which should truly boost your knowledge, then look no further…

You’re actually getting Two Courses for the price of one…
Here’s a breakdown for you (of Course One):

Basic Affiliate Strategies

Let’s bulletproof your affiliate marketing business. Let’s reinforce it from the ground up. Because once you do, you’ll start enjoying more traffic, a bigger list, and more sales than you ever thought possible.

Video 1: The Surprising Truth About Affiliate Marketing

This is important, because affiliates who don’t know the whole truth struggle with their business and suffer with small commission checks. But once you know how to think like a super affiliate, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level. Plus you’ll find out what kinds of niches make the very best targets… and for one very surprising reason.

Video 2: How to Uncover the Hottest Markets Around

The easiest money you’ll make as an affiliate marketer is when you put offers right under the noses of people who are already buying stuff like crazy. You’ll find out how to uncover these markets – you’ll even get a really slick strategy for discovering niches you never knew existed!

Video 3: How to Find a Golden Needle in an Affiliate Marketing Haystack

Once you start doing your research, you’ll quickly discover there are tons of products for you to promote. But if you pick the wrong one, you’ll get your reputation dragged down faster than a feather tied to a bowling ball. Don’t settle for small commissions and products that won’t sell – this video will show you how to pick the right products for maximum profits!

Video 4: Hooking the Hungry Fish With Juicy Bait

Listen up, everyone and their uncle is trying to get their hooks into your prospects. So you need to get these prospects on your mailing list fast before your competitors beat you to it – and that’s why this course shows you how to bait your prospects with an irresistible free offer. You’ll love seeing the huge number of new subscribers joining your list every day.

Video 5: The Nuts and Bolts of Assembling Your Lead Magnet Page

If you’ve never put together a lead page before, don’t
worry – it’s easier than assembling Ikea furniture, and you won’t have any spare parts left over. That’s because you’ll discover the absolute quickest way to get a professional, high-converting page up and running fast.

Video 6: What the Top Affiliates Do Differently With Their Blogs

Almost every affiliate has a blog – but a huge number of these affiliates are completely clueless about how to turn a blog into their #1 sales tool. That’s what you’ll find out inside this video.

First you’ll get a quick and easy way to set up a blog. Then you’ll discover what the super affiliates do
differently with their blogs that makes them uber profitable… including one super-clever trick taken straight from Publisher’s Clearing House. This secret will blow you away.

Video 7: How the Super Affiliates Make More Sales Than Everyone Else

You’ll want to pay attention to every second of this video. You’ll find out the #1 secret that separates the super affiliates from the super broke affiliates… this may surprise you, and it’s the one thing that will make your affiliate business pay you like a broken slot machine!

Video 8: The Secrets of the Ugly Guys Who Date Super Models

You know what we’re talking about here. Ever seen an
ugly guy with an extremely beautiful woman and wondered how that happened? We’ll tell you what happened – the guy has a mesmerizing way with words. Just like politicians do. Just like teenagers do when they’re trying to borrow the car from mom and dad.

And just like you will by the time you’re finished with this video. You’ll get a crash course in how to get inside your prospects’ head so you can say the right words that get them scrambling to the order button.

Video 9: An Astonishing Way to Get Vendors to Send Traffic to You

This is pretty amazing if you think about it. Typically,
your job as an affiliate supposedly is to whip up some targeted traffic and send it to the vendor’s sales page. But smart affiliates know a trick for turning this model on its head. You’ll find out how to get vendors to promote your site, send you traffic, and generate sales for you. It’s crazy!

Video 10: How to Get More Eyeballs in Front of Your Affiliate Offers

Here you’ll find three of the top ways to attract
cash-in-hand prospects to your website. Once you get these leads on your list and warm them up, then you can send them to your affiliate offers so you can start pocketing those big commission checks.

This course will really open your eyes to the truth and massive potential of affiliate marketing…Especially when you start using Sales Funnels and learn about Backend Sales and High-Ticket Offers.

These are really important. Suddenly your measly
$20 profit blows out to $300 to $800 profit as an example!

See my comments below about joining my mailing list

Here’s your link again: http://kevin-johnston.com/ExpertAffiliateMarketingTraining


Advanced Affiliate Strategies

Use the link above for a video list and explanation.
A couple of important tips from me (Kevin):

1. Try not to send your clients directly to the vendor’s/seller’s website. You have a very small chance of a sale and you’re helping to build their subscriber list NOT your own. Send them first to your site and capture their name and email address.

An increasing number of affiliate networks DO NOT ALLOW sending direct to the seller’s home page and will BAN YOU if caught. So make sure you’re aware of their rules.

2. If you like the products of a certain marketer, you are more likely to get approved and with a higher commission rate than if you’re dealing with many marketers who don’t know you. So 50% delayed might become 50% instant or higher. Also you get more freebies and advice.

3. You should use sales funnels in your business. That’s where the big money is and you can grow your subscriber list super fast. Here is just one example:

I was at another webinar by Omar Martin some weeks back. It was about sales funnels. Just one funnel he designed brought in $3Million!

You have to understand there are several types of funnels and not all are sales funnels. There might be an optin funnel or a viral funnel as examples.

4. Speaking of optins, AWeber and MailChimp are now allowing single optin instead of double optin where your person has subscribed to your list but then has to click a confirm link in an email from AWeber or MailChimp.

Also AWeber doesn’t call them optin forms anymore. They are now Sign-Up Forms.

5. I have a million honest and true things to tell you and I hope you will love me forever. For starters I want to explain squeeze pages, landing pages, lead magnets, sales funnels, autoresponders, email marketing, HTML and so on.

Social media has NOT replaced emails.

Plus building blogs and websites (ecommerce) which includes the concepts of IP address, addon-domains, sub-domains, web hosting, backups, cpanel, FTP, uploading, Filezilla to name a few. Plus traffic, SEO, ranking, also metadata & tags.

Blogs are NOT “old-fashioned” or last week’s hamburger. They are the very heart of your Internet marketing empire.

6. I’ve studied many of the most successful Internet marketers and could name them here but I won’t. Did you know that in most cases, it took them 3 to 5 years before they made enough income to quit their day jobs?

Do you really want to wait 3 up to 12 years before becoming successful? Of course you don’t.

I can help you if you have the right mindset but you have to join my mailing list. Blog posts aren’t enough. Just in the last 7 days there were 8 important things (mostly urgent) I wanted to tell you about, but couldn’t so you missed out again.

You can subscribe by going to my blog:

http://kevin-johnston.com, look for the guitar image in the sidebar and join there or at the subscribe link at the very end of this article.

But I’m warning you..you have to want success real bad…like food, water and oxygen!

7. Your large dose of INSPIRATION before it’s too LATE and you’re doomed to failure because you didn’t take action!.

This is from Eric Louviere who is a millionaire coach but once was homeless and ate food scraps:

“I just want to write and keep writing and just let it fly here, directly from my heart. If I only impact or touch one or two people, and that’s it, out of thousands, I’m fine with that.

So here it goes…

I was reminded today about how I was once at rock bottom. I was down and out, miserable, depressed, in a lot of pain and I was dead broke. Heck, not broke… POOR!

I did not have anything and I was young and ambitious. I wanted to succeed badly, but because of bad decisions and a lack of focus, I found myself at rock bottom. This is the lowest I had been in my entire life.

I remember getting on the Internet and listening to an audio about how “being broke was temporary but being poor was permanent unless I CHANGED who I was at my core”

I knew I was a broken guy and although I wanted to succeed and had read a ton of books, I still had nothing to show for all that time learning. I did not feel good about myself one bit. I did not like the guy in the mirror looking back at me.

One thing I held on to was the saying, “If you want more, you’ve got to become more”. I took that to heart.

Little did I know, many years later, I’d still hold tight to that same saying, “if you want more, you’ve got to become more”.

I’m still trying to become more. Sure, I’ve had some amazing success since then, but I’m still striving to improve and become more spiritually and health wise and many other areas.

Listen, I come across people every single day in this field where they are striving to achieve a better life for themselves and their families. They have put in the time learning and trying different things, but yet the “money results” have not showed up for them yet.

They keep banging their heads against a wall and hoping that THIS TIME it’s different and this time it works!

Does that sound like you?

Are you someone who has read all the books, listened to all the audios, watched all the videos, got on all the webinars, and tried it all, yet still, to this day, you are not earning a full time living online?

Are you still working a day job and still just barely getting by?

Are you still worried about money and what you’re going to do about retirement?

Do you still get down on yourself?

Well, let me be the one to tell you, “if you want more, you’ve got to become more”

What does that mean?

It means a TON but let’s start with — IMO — the most important part of that insight…SKILLS!

Let me tell you, if you were my best friend, and I’ve told my best friend this point blank..You are ONE DAMN SKILL away from achieving your goals.

You are one “SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE” away from achieving your goals.

Show me someone who has skills and I’ll show you someone who can earn enough to work full time online from home in the next week to month, period.

Show me someone who has skills, and earning six figures is a slam-freaking-DUNK!

Show me someone who has skills and puts those skills out there to the market and it’s over man!


Show me someone who is failing and not earning any revenue at all, and I’ll show you someone who:

(1)  Has no skills

(2). Or is not putting the skills out there to the market

(3). Is someone who has no “specialized knowledge”

(4). Is not putting that specialized knowledge out there to the market

That’s it.

If you can drive Facebook Ads, you can earn six figures fast

If you can write copy and convert, you can earn six fig fast

If you can create content and create products, you can earn six fig fast

If you can teach, or speak, or present, then you can earn six fig fast

If you can sell, then you can earn a million… ooops, we’ll keep it six fig… but really, a mill

If you can be an expert or guru or maven in a market, you can earn a million

But if you sit on your hands and spend all your time learning “get rich quick schemes” then you’ll fail for the next 5 years just like the past five years.

When you focus on skills… and SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE that helps your brothers and sisters, then earning becomes easy.

So many people out there are just like I used to be, rock bottom and down and out. So many are out there struggling and frustrated and chasing “ILLUSIONS”…. instead of knuckling down and mastering a new skill or “a specific knowledge base”.

Master A SKILL!

Knuckle Down and master a “specific piece of information” you can market.

Get a niche and master it!

Someone once told me, “I’m just going to learn as much as I can right now”. Good luck with that. in a year, it will be more stuff to yet learn.

When you decide to STOP learning and start “RECEIVING CASH” then everything will change. Get the cashflow.

Stop trying to diddle daddle around or waste your time “learning” for the next five years.

Start selling!

Master and sell, master and sell, master and sell. That’s the recipe to ongoing, long term success. Master something, then sell it. When that dies, if it dies, then master something new and then sell that new thing.

Where are you?

Are you sleeping, in a slumber, reacting and drifting through life… casually reactive?

Well, that’s not going to get you piss.

If you want more, you better become more, baby.

This life… it’s moving FAST. Technology is moving faster than ever. Everything is moving faster and faster. Are you asleep on the tracks, because the train is coming fast!

Time to wake up.

Get off the couch, stop jacking around with “dabbling” and “doodling” and get serious. How serious are you right now on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being life or death serious?

Be THAT serious and watch results happen. Go earn some money this week. Open the flood gates.

Stop resisting and avoiding and dabbling. Get super serious, get OBSESSED and get the money!

It starts with looking in the mirror and saying… “I”m going to become MORE! I’m going to become more RIGHT NOW!”

If you want to do it on your own, good luck.

Eric Louviere

PS —- I would say “you can do it” but I’m not. Instead, I’m going to say, “You cannot do it”. It’s true. YOU CANNOT do it… not in the current form you are. You have to become someone else… a better version of YOU. So, no, you cannot do it. Not you who you are now. That person would have already done it by now. So, no… YOU CANNOT DO IT!

But that version of you who has a new found SKILL can do it and boy can that person do it! That’s the person you need to dig into your guts and find!

Be that guy or gal! The one who has a magical new SKILL!

Skillz pay the billz. Give you freedom, vacations, nice clothes. Education for your kids. Stuff like that.”

8. Here is the AWeber subscribe form I mentioned above. So take your courage in one hand and your dreams in the other and get started succeeding.

Best wishes,




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