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Are You “Enzyme Bankrupt?” You Could Be if You Have..

Are You “Enzyme Bankrupt?” You Could Be if You Have… Back pain… Sciatica… Chronic Fatigue… Fibromyalgia… Joint Pain… High Cholesterol… Arthritis… Cancer..Heart Disease… High Blood Pressure… Obesity… Depression… or Colitis! Did you know that… … A newborn baby’s enzyme levels are 100 TIMES HIGHER than that of an elderly persons?! … A 20-year-old has double …

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Cancer Causes Prevention And Treatments

Hey,Today’s topic is about what you (and your family) should know about Cancer. We all shudder just at the mention of this terrible disease plus we’ve heard or seen horror stories about chemo. With this in mind I did some more research and here are some results:http://kevin-johnston.com/CancerCausesPreventionAndTreatments You’ll learn about:Cancer Causes Cancer Prevention Cancer Treatmentsplus …

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12 Nutrients That Target and Destroy Cancer Stem Cells

Lack of adequate nutrition can lead to cancer growth – on the other hand, the right nutrients can inhibit cancerous cells from multiplying. Scientists have known for decades that cancer cells have the ability to repair themselves, multiply, differentiate, and escape normal cellular processes such as apoptosis or “cell suicide.” Stem Cells Only recently researchers …

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Acai Berries For Heart, Cancer & Excess Fat

These tiny berries are found and grown in Central and South America where the intense heat and sunshine give this amazing little berry its dark purplish-black hue. In fact, Dr. Oz and other medical professionals have been raving about this berry for quite some time. These berries contain powerful anthocyanins which may be responsible for …

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[Download] 10 Foods Proven to Fight Cancer (& 6 to avoid!)

Friend, The truth is, no single food can prevent or reverse cancer. But science is proving that certain foods can reduce your risk dramatically. And some of these foods might surprise you! Discover 10 foods to eat (and 6 foods to avoid) if you want to beat cancer. More than 90% of all cancers are …

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51yr. old drops 35 LB in 45-seconds with this “thyroid exercise”

Hey there, When I first read about this woman’s transformation, I thought someone was playing a prank on me. THEN I read about her doctor-prescribed “thyroid revival” exercise, and it all made sense. Read about it below: 45-SECOND “thyroid revival” exercise triggers total body transformation:http://kevin-johnston.com/ThyroidTriggersMassiveFatLoss Here’s what this doctor discovered, and what’s now helping tens …

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