Sorry…You’re on the Wrong Train

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Obviously trains are gonna take you some place but you need to decide is that where you really want to go?

Is what you’re doing NOW taking YOU to where you want to go?

Have all the products and courses you’ve purchased, put you on the right train?

I totally sucked as a newbie so I understand if you’re completely confused about everything. You don’t have a clue really about anything. Or, you’re not even sure where you do want to go!.

I’m preparing a new success system based on LOGIC and COMMON SENSE. Not EMOTION. It will work for you UNLESS you sit on your hands and do nothing! Talk soon about this.

STOP..right now if you’re earning little or no money from selling online. Do not waste any more time or money!

FACT: There has never been ever a better time to make money online.

The reasons are complex and it’s been coming for a while. One of the reasons is wonderful new IM products associated with many more avenues and opportunities accelerated by CoVid 19 and people forced to stay or work from home.

I’ve already told you IM is complex and a mine field if you don’t know what you’re doing. I also said you’ve got to be different.

It’s a very competitive world out there. You’re not the only newbie.

You’ve got to stand out from the zillions of other newbies. You must be visible on the Net so people can find you and buy from you while you build authority and subscriber list.

If you don’t do these things you will FAIL like so many other newbies. If anyone tells you different to the above, they are LIARS so just ignore them.

I could talk all day like someone in love, but don’t have the time and I’ve got my own projects to look after.

I have hand-picked some “tools” which will really help you. I’ll show you those tomorrow.

For now you MUST stay focussed or you’ll disappear over the cliff. There’s always traps for newbies.

Take note: You’ve gotta be really really hungry to make money. Uneducated marketers are in the majority.

When your life comes down to survival you have to fight like hell especially if you’ve got family and lots bills. You’re desperate which forces you to make hard decisions like borrow money or seek help.

Melinda and Omar Martin are now the “power couple” but they ate food scraps and lived in their car until they found a deserted warehouse. And they never gave up!

I truly hope you understand the gold nuggets I offer you. This is not a Help Desk but you’re welcome to email me at: learnhomebiz@outlook.com

I do have 2 business pages on Facebook. My user is Giddaymate. I’m still building these pages.

Lastly I do appreciate the constant stream of new blog users. And I’m proud of them. They listened and made a decision to join and trust me.

The “tools’ will arrive soon.

Your success mentor,
Kevin Johnston


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