Should You Become Affiliate For JVZoo and Warrior Forum?

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Should You Become Affiliate For JVZoo and Warrior Forum Products

1. In case you’re new, most promotions for new products you see almost every day on the Internet and in your emails, happen mostly on the JVZoo platform followed by the Warrior Forum then ClickBank.

JVZoo has 63800 products and the Warrior Forum about 5800 products.

I’ll discuss ClickBank separately soon because it operates differently, also ClickBank doesn’t have many products in the Internet marketing make-money niche. That’s not actually bad.

All ClickBank products must have a 60-day guarantee which I think scares off many make-money vendors/sellers.

2. As I said above, JVZoo has about 63800 products.
It’s actually tricky to find them so look for the Affiliates tab on menu bar, then scroll down to Find Products.

You will then see page after page of products, each with a Request box. Don’t forget JOIN JVZoo first.

With JVZoo you must join first (free) then request each seller to approve you as an affiliate for each product.

The general rule is you must have 25 – 100 sales otherwise you will be denied. If you advise how you will promote and have lots of contacts, you could likely be accepted on delayed payment (end of guarantee period) and reduced commission, usually 50%.

It helps if you can provide your site web address URL. It shows you’re serious and not just starting out. Remember sellers are busy people!

Mostly the products are sold within a sales funnel and the front-end offer is usually under $20 and mostly $5 – $15. Guarantee period is usually 30 days, sometimes 14 days but rarely 60 days.

Some of the sellers have huge funnels with many upsells and downsells. I queried this and was told it’s so the top gun affiliates (with lots of bonuses) will join and promote the joint venture. Upsells are the same as OTO’s.

New product promotions can be for just a few days because of seller holding cheap prices (and bonuses) but generally 7-10 days. If sales are slow, they add more bonuses and/or a coupon discount code…mostly 5% discount.

3. The Warrior Forum consists of several sub-forums and I have listed some of these below:

eCommerce Sites
Internet Marketing Product Reviews
Mind Warriors
Website Design
Warrior Joint Ventures
Off Topic Forum
Local Meetups
Warrior Forum News
Warrior Forum Help
Suggestion Forum
Warriors for Hire

PLEASE NOTE: The affiliate section of the Warrior Forum is actually at Warrior + Plus at http://warriorplus.com and is free to join. As is JVZoo.

When a new product is released, it’s released as a WSO which means Warrior Special Offer. If you see WSO lists this is equivalent to Marketplace.

It’s common to see Free WSO’s on the list. It’s a way for Warriors to build their list. Also showcase their products to you.

Everything I’ve said for JVZoo above in relation to approvals, prices, guarantees etc applies to Warrior + Plus.

1. When seeking approval from a seller, write something…never leave the box empty.
2. You really need a blog or website to sell from, and get known. If you don’t have this, stick to ClickBank.
3. I’m approved for too many products. That’s a mistake. You are better off with fewer top sellers but promote most of their products.

It’s much less work and your commission will be higher and paid sooner. Maybe 75% instead of 50% because these sellers now know you.

Your friend and mentor,
Kevin Johnston
Email me if you have questions. kevin@kevin-johnston.com

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