Newbie Training Starting: Do this task then do the next one!

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There is no shortage of ways to make money online or succeed (indirectly) in some other way such as writing or illustrating a book which could be your lifetime dream. Or starting a social media group maybe.

You know already that huge numbers of ordinary people, including dropouts and the uneducated, are earning 6 and 7 incomes. I know you’re thinking “Why not me?’ and also it’s making you boil over with frustration.

To fix this, I’m starting new training tomorrow which will be numbered tasks starting at the beginning for a total newbie. There is no time frame like daily. Take your time but do it well.

Internet marketing has got harder and more competitive. No more crappy sites, poor content and mediocre graphics and images. You need to work harder but smarter to stand out from the crowd.

There is a IM protocol. Call it a path or stepping stones if you like. There is a certain order of learning you must follow. Complete this then do this and so on. Do not try to skip steps in the hope you’ll “get richer faster”.

I’m excited to bring this training to you starting tomorrow. It’s all about what’s working NOW!

Your friend and mentor,
PS I will be bringing you advice from many of the top earners plus sharing what I’ve learned in 10 years.


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