[My help] You Won’t be A Newbie Much Longer

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I need to talk seriously and directly to you. Openly and honestly as usual but I don’t have time for games. Or for people who are not serious about starting a new life where success is totally possible and likewise making money is also possible within a short period.

My blog posts are not newsletters. They are not for bored people in their lunch break. It’s for serious people who really want and need the real truths about making money online.

So I’m covering making money online and becoming successful. How to get started and growing your own home business in different ways with profitable niche or niches. I also explain what different words mean like URL, FTP, hosting and landing pages..

My wife and I are separated but still close. Our beautiful kind, loving son died on July 19 aged 28. We said goodbye to him yesterday at the funeral home, and the burial is next week.

The owners of our rented house want to sell it so I’m packing as well. It’s a cold winter here but there has been no heating or hot showers for 2 months till recently.

I’ve found a new place which is very nice but I have much to do before moving in.

I can and will help you succeed and make money, but I don’t have much spare time. I will show you what you need to buy and why. It’s what I did to succeed and I’ve got years of experience.

If you do what I tell you, your life can change within a week even days.
You think about that!

Within a couple of days you can be on the correct path to making money. Totally true!

We’ll talk very soon I have to go right now. A covid19 scare phone call.

Kevin Johnston

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Kevin Johnston

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