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Welcome again to anyone who likes the smell of money and loves holding it. Even for a short time!

Yesterday I posted some thoughts and inspirational ideas for you, on my Facebook business page “Make Money Home Business” at https://www.facebook.com/cashfromhomebiz

I was partly saying I haven’t been available for a long time but this business page will grow rapidly and will replace my make money-home business blog. My WP blogs need a lot of updating till I’m satisfied. The whole thing will take about 1 month.

So basically I want to mentor newbies and others who are struggling, and show them to how to start and operate a successful and money-making online home business. And earn regular income which is called Passive Income. One-off sales are obviously no good and can only provide pocket change at best.

1. A lot of people ask me if they need to know coding. The answer is no you don’t unless you want to become a software developer, or modify an existing product.

The only coding you’re likely to be involved with, is HTML which means Hyper Text Markup Language. Mostly you just copy and paste as in setting up your autoresponder or you copy and paste the code for a certain size banner. The banner might already include your affiliate ID or in the banner code you might need to substitute your affiliate ID for xxxxx.

I’m saying might because it depends how the affiliate manager or the product creator has setup the affiliate pages and banners. Sometimes you enter your affiliate ID at the top, press enter then your ID populates in all the banners and suggested sales letters/articles you might like to use in your promotions.

I’m an affiliate for Natural Healing Oils and here is the banner code for the last Black Friday sale:
<a target=”_blank” href=”https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1659884&u=513328&m=28134&urllink=&afftrack=”><img src=”https://static.shareasale.com/image/28134/hno_blackfriday.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Save 30% off sitewide” /></a>

My Aff id is 513328 and you can see that in the HTML code. If you want to become an affiliate as well for these people just leave a comment here or msg me at my email: learnhomebiz@outlook.com

2. Many of you want to know if Internet marketing and making money online is hard. Firstly it’s NOT easy like you see and read everywhere. Nearly all the gurus and sellers keep telling you how easy it is and how quickly you will see good results.. That’s BS and they know it, but if they tell the truth they won’t make any sales.

Many of these gurus and sellers and I could say most of them, took years to get to where they are now. And some of them were so broke they slept out of their cars. And this includes some people now famous like Brian Tracy.

You must put the time and effort in. And you will need some tools just like tradespeople do. But I’ll show you all that.

I always tell people it’s like starting a new job. It takes time to settle in and take notice of the unwritten rules  so you fit in, get accepted and even may get popular. Obviously you need to learn how to do your new job well. If it’s a factory job, you need to be shown how to operate machinery safely on your own if that applies. They also might want you to learn how to drive a fork lift as an example.

A lot of newbies are lazy and believe that money will fall from the sky in a couple of days with little or no effort from them. They also think they can get by with free everything. Like websites, hosting, plugins, themes, autoresponders plus more.

One major reason newbies fail is that they never treat what they are creating and nurturing as a business but rather a casual hobby. From the day you start you are building a home business or home business. You must take everything very seriously and stay focused and determined to make it work. This doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

3. Many newbies are frightened of making mistakes. Mistakes happen from when you were a baby. That’s how you learn right till the day you die. So you must jump right in. There never is a right time and that held me back for a couple of years because I wanted everything perfect.

4. What stops many newbies is Mindset. Success is in the mind and if you think it’s all too hard, then it will be. If you think you will fail then you will fail because you are beaten already. Athletes must believe they can win or they never will and it’s a waste of time training and competing.

It’s time for another coffee so cheers for now. I don’t wish to flood you with new knowledge.

Best regards,
Kevin Regards
ps My email is learnhomebiz@outlook.com if you want to throw a few ideas around but it’s NOT a help desk!

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