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Think about your favorite websites.

You know, the ones that give you the (No BS) honest news you really care about.

That’s the great thing about the Internet- for every interest, there is at least one website devoted to it.

You like going back to those sites because you learn something new each time. You like how they talk directly and are not afraid to speak from the heart.

You come to rely on their particular brand of journalism. They obviously know what they’re talking about which is becoming rare these days.

You’re absolutely fed up with so many sites which are ugly or have the same regurgitated rubbish.

What is the one thing all those successful, popular sites have in common?


The blog is the voice of the website. Google loves good blogs.

It gives personality to what is otherwise a cold, impersonal thing. Just words with no heart.

And it’s one of the best ways to make a successful living writing. Sharing your knowledge, skills and expertise in a way that draws in readers and gets them involved in certain topics you’re both passionate about.

By starting a blog, you’re starting a business… one that could potentially make you millions.

That’s not a joke. It’s totally true.

And for the next few days, you can learn everything you need to know to make a successful, money-making blog for less than a couple of drinks at the bar.

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Learn how to start a popular blog that people will love reading and sharing.

Us writers and bloggers stick together.

Kevin Johnston
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