Lesson 2: What Does Selling Really Mean?

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_CSC0320_0383  Lesson 2: What Does Selling Really Mean?

  We all know that in life everything is not always black and white. There are various shades of grey.

  Well Internet marketing is like that. Sometimes there are exceptions to the general rule. And sometimes there is more than 1 way to complete a certain task.

  In the latter instance, it makes sense that we (that’s YOU) would go with the method that is cheaper, easier and faster.

 So Internet marketing is mostly about selling a product or service such as credit repair, dating,  relationships, web hosting, self help, education or debt control. The exception here is where you earn money for giving something away for free. This might be an eBook (electronic book) or a blog theme or plugin. Even a webinar.

You might earn a commision for giving away an introductory pass/subscription to a fitness centre/gym that’s just opened. This is just an example.

Another exception is Cost Per Action (CPA) where you earn money for providing leads for many types of business. They then take over and process your lead.

CPA is a form of affiliate marketing which we’ll be talking about in great detail soon.

But overall you have to sell something. You might have seen somewhere “you sell your own stuff or someone elses stuff”. As an affiliate.

1. You require a product that fits someone’s need. Your product has to match and solve their problem. 
2. If you don’t have your own product, you create one.
3. If you can’t do that, your best choice would be a resell rights product.
4. After that, your next choice could be a product for which you are an approved affiliate.

In it’s simplest form selling means you expose your offer to a large group of targeted buyers. Targeted means potential buyers who are looking for the type of product you are promoting.

Now to some nitty-gritty:
1. People love to spend but they are reluctant to buy instantly at the first exposure. So you need to reach out to people and promote your offer several times to the same people. In the background you should be building a relationship with these people so they know and trust you. Also see you as the expert go-to person.

2. Your contact with people/potential buyers is usually through your blog, or website, or social media page, or by sending emails to your subscribers. Sending emails is still the best method. Hence the need to have a list of subscribers to sell to. We can short-cut this by using a “done-for-you-system”. More about this later.

3. So selling is solving people’s problems. The more urgent their needs are, the more likely you are to make a sale and repeat sales later.

4. You can’t persuade people to buy. Only by pointing out the benefits your product provides. Example: stops pain, works fast, saves money, increases mobility, sleep better.

5. Always remember you give people what they want. Not what you think they need.

6. You have to spend time becoming familiar with major niches such as creating websites, smartphone apps, social networking,  domain names, music, diabetes, cosmetic surgery, alternative medicine, cooking, fitness. This introduces the topic of keywords which are words or phrases that are browser search terms.

7. We’ll soon be talking more about niches, keywords, resell rights products, and where to find good products to sell.

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