Lesson 11 Goal: Learn To Earn & Earn While You Learn

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temp-060.jpgLesson 11  Goal: Learn To Earn & Earn While You Learn

I know exactly what information newbies need and what things they worry about. It’s sad that when newbies come to a hurdle or problem, they don’t know the way around it or who to ask for help.

Knowing what you need, I really don’t understand why the honest Internet marketers aren’t helping you more and even more importantly, why they are not telling things as they really are. Nobody is,
just me.

Because you are being lied to left right and center. Leaving out the truth is still a lie.

My conclusion can only be they are only interested in making money from you by selling you something.

Look at Affiliate marketing for example, which I believe is the most important part (niche) within Internet marketing. As I’ve said before, it doesn’t actually work the way you’ve been told. More details later..it’s a huge topic.

Also there have been major changes. Datafeeds is a good example. Another example is showcases and installing various types of affiliate stores on your blog which you can (if you want) link to your
Facebook business page/s.

Newbies are told to go to Clickbank, join and then choose a product.

That’s not where you start at all and even if you are lucky enough to choose a good product what do you do with the bloody thing? What is your marketing plan and what is your sales platform?

And suppose you fluke a sale, you make $10 or $15 maybe. Big deal! All your hard work (and many hours) for a measly 10 or 15 bucks???

Why not sell 40 or 400 or 400 or 4000 products? Your effort will be much the same and I will show you how.

BUT you MUST look for and open my emails. You won’t get help if you don’t. My Mandrill stats for last week showed that less than 1 person in 1000 emails opened and read my emails.

Look for Kevin Johnston’s Blog or Kevin’s Classroom. If the stats don’t improve I will stop the lessons. I have plenty of other projects.

URGENT: You MUST decide what you want to sell and how. Not the exact item/s…just the type of product, like fashion clothing on eBay, or an eBook about cooking recipes on Amazon.

Why not turn your hobbies into cash? OR If you’re a nurse why not tell people about health? Use your work, life and family experiences to help others and make money at the same time.

Remember: You are starting a home business. It requires lots of time and effort mostly in the beginning, to make it happen. Plus some money. Just like any trade or profession does.

This is all part of your business plan. Affiliate marketing is a business plan. Planning provides direction and what happens next. You must have a destination which is your end goal. Or rather a series of
goals which are like train stations which all lead to where you want to be. You have to decide where you DO want to be within a certain time frame.

Where do YOU want to be???


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