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Affiliate marketing is not a niche. It’s an example of a business model. So is eCommerce and selling on eBay, as examples.

I’m telling you this because you need to know what a business model is. Choosing the best business model to suit your goals is one of the first decisions you must make as a newbie.

Affiliate marketing has always been put forward as the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to start with home business stuff and many millionaires have been created this way. Look at millionaire John Chow whom I’ve talked about in my blog posts. He now averages $40K plus monthly just from blogging and much more from affiliate marketing.

John’s a great guy but he wants you to know he’s not specially educated or clever. He’s ordinary but totally focused and determined.

My biggest mistake when I was a newbie was waiting till I was “ready”. You can never be “ready” so just jump in like John did. What does “ready” mean anyhow. It’s just procrastinating. Putting off making a decision. Being scared of making mistakes.

I’ve been searching for a great program to teach you the real affiliate marketing and I’m delighted I’ve found this one from my colleague Santosh who’s pretty awesome with this topic.

Santosh also covers stuff like:

Researching a hot topic
Identifying a really hot affiliate product to promote as your main offer.
Identifying a few more really hot affiliate products to promote as your additional related offers.
How to set up a high converting squeeze page for affiliate products.
How to correctly set up your autoresponder software to get the most out of your list and traffic.
The most productive advertising channels you can use to advertise your squeeze page.

Enough from me. I’m now handing you over to Santosh at this link:

I’m on a mission to make your rough path smooth.
Talk soon,
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