Learn Setting Up Resell (Resale) Rights Products

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Learn Setting Up Resell (Resale) Rights Products. This is a really important part of Internet marketing. It’s also associated with information products as well as product creation. If you look at all the top entrepreneurs you will find that most of them depend directly on this “Big 3” to provide a large part of their 7-figure incomes.
You really want to make some money with your resell rights products, so you purchase a package and you download the content, only to discover that you need a degree in math and computer science to get the damn thing set up. There are few if any instructions and better still you don’t get any information on how to connect the buttons, the downloads, the autoresponder series, nothing!
Let’s face it. All you want at this point is to upload the thing, set up a few settings like your payment link, your web links and your list to add subscribers to and just go, go, go!
Its so frustrating and annoying when it’s clear all the seller wanted was to keep adding to his/her bank account and screw you and your potential success. Its a fact. Resale Rights plus all the new angles and techniques equals MORE PROFITS! These profits should be yours not some faceless seller.
We really want to make sure that you learn every step of the sales funnel process when setting up your Resell Rights Package, so we’ve left no stone unturned in our training.
How much money have you LOST in the past few months alone from purchasing products with resale rights but not setting them up and selling them?
Set Up Domain Name, Hosting, Pointing the NameServers, Plus considering if to go with a new domain for every product or put them all on a generic domain and use sub-domains.
In our training we look at the tools you need, and even show you where to get the free ones to keep control of your costs. You will learn steps such as FTP, Organizing your Files, Uploading Correctly, How to set up a Squeeze Form and even sell via PayPal or PaySpree and Much More… All inside your Video Course.
Which is right here: http://bit.ly/1Wc8lh4

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