Learn How To Sell & Make Big Money On eBay

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“Learn How To Sell & Make Big Money On eBay: “The “eBook experts” cannot take you very far. You need a real guide who has “Been There, Done That” to show you the ropes of a profitable eBay business.

I HAVE… And I’m still “doing it!” Almost anyone can become a so-called “PowerSeller,” but how much do they actually make? And, can they take you where you want to go?

If you’re going to build an eBay business, why not have a COMPLETE eBay Business System and PLAN on making at least $10,000 or MORE every month?

I know what it takes to build an eBay business making this kind of money… I’ve done it — and I am still doing it every day!

And, along the way, I’ve developed a unique step-by-step System you can use to duplicate my success and become part of… The “Elite” Of eBay PowerSellers – The Ones Who Actually Make Money!

Now I’m passing along all of my techniques, as well as what I have learned from these TOP eBay Super Sellers, in the most COMPLETE eBay Business SYSTEM ever created!

You too can learn how to sell on eBay and set up your eBay business. I give you everything you need to succeed. This includes the importance of good product photos.

My other courses about selling on eBay, wholesaling and dropshipping, have all been popular top-sellers. Buyers appreciated the detailed, honest advice from someone who has
“done it”. Thousands of eBay sellers have built successful businesses using these books alone.

Just read some of the actual letters from my students from all over the world. But my basic courses can only take you so far. Almost everyone who ever bought even one of these powerful courses wound up buying all three.

Now you can get my Complete eBay Marketing System for less -much less! You get everything in those three best-selling books – PLUS tons of new material I developed just for this new comprehensive course.

Order Your Complete eBay Marketing System Now: http://bit.ly/1aFbt15

Just look to the product list on the right side of my web page.

I solve the TWO BIGGEST ISSUES faced by ALL eBay Sellers… once and for all:

Figuring out the right product to sell, and Finding reliable sources of products you can sell at a profit.
Mistakes in these two areas are the biggest reason eBay sellers fail !

In my System, you will learn little-known niche research techniques that will make the product decisions for you. Then I am going to show you how to find those products at prices where you can make a profit – not just little bitty profits, but consistent BIG profits, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year…

Your auctions will close even while you sleep. I love waking up in the morning and seeing what sold overnight.

I even GIVE you 100% access to my Master File of Wholesale Suppliers…companies that have proven themselves again and again.

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll learn!

See, I do eBay auctions every day, and I continue to learn and incorporate new methods and techniques, that help me grow my business. eBay is constantly changing, evolving, and expanding. I realized I needed to create an entirely fresh system, for today … not for the way eBay was two or three years ago!

This comprehensive System has EVERYTHING you need, including NEW information updated for today, PLUS tons of never-before-released material NEW AND UNIQUE to my System.

This is no “dummies” download eBook that’s impossible to use! It’s a real printed business workbook, made for real-world use as you build your business.

Complete eBay Marketing System. I don’t know about you, but trying to read an eBook on my computer screen wears my eyes out like driving all night in pouring rain! And who wants to burn up their printer trying to print all of the pages just to save some publisher a buck!? I SHIP you my System in a custom-designed three-ring binder with over 300 real pages.

Lay it right in FRONT of your computer, take notes, highlight key points and use it while you’re actually listing your auctions! In this age of quickie “e-books,” this is a truly impressive package!

I’ll be waiting for you:  http://bit.ly/1aFbt15

“I LOVE the fact that you actually still print REAL BOOKS, full of real, meaty information! When I got it, I read it cover to cover… it was an incredibly easy read compared to most textbooks, and had a LOT more good tips and techniques than anything I’d read about selling on eBay, even what’s on the eBay site itself!” ~ Donna Austin “

Buying my eBay Business System will not make you an instant millionaire. ( I hate people who make claims like that.)

But if you take it and use the step-by-step detailed information I share, you WILL succeed, and in a BIG way! You get 63 Chapters and 4 Resource Appendices… over 300 pages in all! Feel free to check out the Table of Contents.

Here’s just a few of the eBay business topics that I cover in detail:

How To Write Killer Headlines designed to catch the searchers and surfers (68% of all auctions are found by search!) and always bring results. Even if you can’t string two words together, just follow my step-by-step examples and you’ll see more bidder action and higher final prices on your auctions! These headlines don’t just tell… they SELL!

Which eBay services to AVOID, and which ones to use, for the best Return On Investment! Some are essential, some are a waste of money, and others are only for certain items and times. I give you ALL the strategies and tips so you can succeed.

When to launch, when to wait, how long to run, and where to list each auction. I eliminate the Two Top Success Killers: the wrong category and lousy timing! You will watch others fade away without a single bid, while bidders crowd your auctions to snipe the final bid! These simple tips revolutionized many of my clients’ businesses!

More from Donna Austin:

“I made notes on what I was doing wrong, Then I revised every auction I had running and re posted them using your methods. Two things I changed immediately were in the way I scheduled them to close (for the market I was selling to), and the category for each listing (the collectors I needed weren’t even seeing my items!). I also followed your guidelines and rewrote each and every auction.

“Right away I went from less than HALF of my auctions closing successfully to over 75% closing profitably. My average sale jumped from less than $50 to over $75 a sale, for the exact same items I’d been auctioning for weeks! I did over $2,000 last month selling small stuff, and that was only my third month on eBay!”

Order Your Complete eBay Marketing System Now!


Just look to the product list on the right side of my web page.

How setting up a profitable eBay Store, and using CROSS-selling and UP-selling can EXPLODE your auction profits overnight. I am constantly amazed at how few sellers cross link their store sales with their auction items… I have bought thousands of items on eBay, and NOT ONCE has a seller even attempted to get more than the one sale out of me.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get! I show you how to ask so well, your bidders will thank you for the opportunity to buy from you again and again!

Even long-time eBay PowerSellers Ron & Deb Gossett are learning the simple, techniques that increase sales:

“A few years ago we had also opened an eBay store, Expressions-of-Lamms-Enchanted-Cats. Using your advice, we began linking our auctions to the merchandise in our store, enticing bidders and buyers with free shipping. We also put all of our slow moving inventory in our store since the listing fees are much less, and used several other tricks we learned from you.

Since following your advice our store sales have improved over 20%. Even during the traditionally slow months of July and August, we managed to sell enough from our store alone to maintain our PowerSeller status!” ~ Ron & Deb Gossett

Incredible FREE and inexpensive resources you can use to run your business on Auto-Pilot. Why make eBay a JOB? Especially when it’s so easy (and more profitable) to automate your ENTIRE auction process?

How the “Buy It Now” option can double, even triple your income… or KILL your bids! So many eBayers unknowingly eliminate quality bidders who genuinely want their item. Using my system, “Buy it now” will tap the passion and zeal of your bidders, for more money in your pocket!

How To use the new Fixed Price Auctions to increase sales. I ignored this feature for the longest time, because I didn’t think it would work. But one day I started playing around with it and launched a few auctions. At first it didn’t do much , but then I figured out what I was doing wrong. The final result, one just one of my standard items I began selling an additional $500 worth of product each week.

How to make sales to the other people – the ones who bid – but didn’t win! This tip can get one, two or three extra sales out of almost every auction that closes successfully – and I’ll show you how to make this happen BEFORE you even launch your auction! The only question you have to answer is, “How many people can I get to see my listing!?” (And I’ll help you bump that number up, too!)

How to take photos that will get MORE and BIGGER BIDS for your items! Sure, anyone can snap a camera. I show you how to take auction photos that will cause people to stop, look and BID on YOUR auction ahead of 20 other identical items on the same page! Guess who gets the better bids!? YOU Do! 

I have many other real success stories…..you are welcome to check them out!

Just choose the ones you prefer: http://bit.ly/1aFbt15

Just look to the product list on the right side of my web page.




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